Date Posted: 13-09-2021

AoS: Soulbound – Ossiarch Bonereapers

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Last time, we gave an insight into some of the terrifying Soulblight Gravelord Archetypes you’ll be playing in Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Champions of Death. This week, we look at the Ossiarch Bonereapers — daunting necromantic constructs of bone created by the Undying King Nagash!

All Ossiarch Bonereaper artwork illustrated by Clara-Marie Morin.

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Immortis Guard

You feel neither pain nor doubt as you defend your charge, layered in skeletal armour of processed bone. 

Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis, modelled the first Immortis Guard after his Scions Praetoris, elite troops who wielded their tower shields like extensions of themselves. Seeing no reason to keep that trait metaphorical, Katakros created the Immortis Guard to be one with their shields. Both are made from processed bone, capable of taking immense force without budging and reinforced with the soul-draining metal known as nadirite. Immortis Guard have the strength to hold the shield with one arm, like the Scions Praetoris, but they prefer two for the crushing power the additional arm lends them. After all, they still have two more to hold their long halberds.Immortis Guard are Bound Protectors, using their two additional arms to wield enormous shields and great halberds. Whether through duty, pact, or loyalty, they willingly put themselves in harm’s way for their allies.

Kavalos Deathrider

You ride tirelessly, manoeuvring your steed with uncanny precision just before the fatal charge.

No matter how far their enemies run, Kavalos Deathriders always catch up. Neither rider nor steed require sustenance or sleep, and even if it takes weeks to find their fatigued prey, they can charge as hard as if they came fresh from the stable. Kavalos Deathriders take immaculate care of their steeds, for the Mortisans put as much care into the animal’s creation as any Ossiarch soldier. Kavalos steeds incorporate not just equine remains but bones from rhinoxen, crocodiles, and flightless dyatri birds, as well as their souls. Sometimes they even contain fragments of disgraced Ossiarch leaders, who have just enough awareness to understand their eternal fate.

Kavalos Deathriders chase down their prey mounted atop their Kavalos Steeds. They are the eyes of Nagash, ever-vigilant and difficult to fool, and utterly terrifying when pursuing their foes.


You are an angel of death, wielding fear as a weapon as much as your blade.

Only the most high-ranking Mortisans know how the Morghasts are made. Some say the Bonereapers slaughter Hyshian eidolons or zenith spirits to make these revenants, while others claim that the Mortisans cobble them out of captured Stormcast Eternals, kept alive throughout the process to prevent discorporation. Whatever their origins, these flying hulks terrify all those who behold them, including their fellow Undead. Morghast Archai serve as silent protectors for Nagash’s elite, discreetly spying on their charges and monitoring them for disloyalty, while Morghast Harbingers create ruin on the battlefield, eschewing all subtlety to reinforce Nagash’s authority.The Morghast Harbingers are terrifying winged monstrosities that bring swift death who would challenge the Undying King, while the Morghast Archai serve as the Shields of Nagash. These elite guard are gifted ebon-wrought armour that can turn aside even the most powerful magic.


You mould bone and soul like clay, fashioning these substances into works of morbid beauty. 

The Ossiarch Bonereapers would not exist without the Mortisans. The Mortisan disciplines are each integral to reinforcing the legions, from the Boneshapers who create and repair Ossiarch bodies to the Soulreapers who tear raw spirit from the living to the Soulmasons who partition and spread these personalities among the ranks. Large parts of their souls came from celebrated artisans and craftspeople, but ultimately every act of creation they now perform fuels violence and war. While some sequester themselves inside the necropolises, never leaving their laboratories or ceasing their work, others can perform their horrifying art even amid the battlefield’s distractions.

Whether a Boneshaper, Soulreaper, or Soulmason, all Mortisans master the Lore of the Mortisans. This intricate arcane power allows them to shape protective carapaces of bone around their allies, or lock their foes into unbreakable agreements that demand compliance.

Necropolis Stalker

You have four faces, four arms, and four souls, each taken from a master in a different fighting style.

Necropolis Stalkers demonstrate the degree to which life holds back the living. Their hands have no purpose except to hold a blade, and their mouths needn’t eat or drink, only screech to terrify their foes. The four primary souls that constitute their being contain the skills of expert fighters, but stripped of all the things that made those fighters’ lives rich and unique. Fittingly, while the rotating Quadarch Mask allows Necropolis Stalkers to switch effortlessly between diverse styles, the expression on each face is identical. Bereft of mortal concerns, Necropolis Stalkers are soldiers refined to their purest form, and they are horrible to behold.

Necroplis Stalkers are towering constructions of bone, wielding a deadly Nadirite blade in each of their four hands. Their Quadrarch Aspects grant them powerful abilities, allowing them to deal devastating blows before quickly switching a more defence minded aspect.

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