Date Posted: 05-08-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Knight-Venator


Today we’re looking at another Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the deadly Knight-Venator of the Stormcast Eternals that we shared at GenCon!

Devoted of Sigmar

A lord of the skies, you are an expert archer who strikes from above.

With eagle-sharp senses and a swiftness that no mortal without the blessing of wings can rival, the Knight-Venator takes mastery of the bow to supernatural extremes. The arrows of a Knight-Venator are things of powerful magic, hand-crafted by the Six Smiths of Sigmaron and appearing in the quiver as quickly as they can be loosed. Tracker, hunters and scouts in their mortal lives, each Knight-Venator is expected to show mastery of their immortal gifts by finding and bonding with a Celestial star-eagle. These immortal birds hunt the aethyric clouds high above the Broken World at the heart of Sigmaron, and are said to be the avian avatars of the stars themselves. Fiercely intelligent and ancient in their own rights, these birds are capable of communing telepathically with the warrior to whom they bond, and a Knight-Venator will as often find himself heeding the calls of his divine familiar as the other way around.

“In another life, The Knight-Venator had been hetman of a mountain tribe. He had called himself King in the Sky, and had made allegiance with the birds of the air for tales of the world below his fastness. It had been the star-eagle, Nubia, who had come to him in that bygone age to warn him of the dawning of the Age of Chaos…”

scratched onto the walls of the Winter Fastness of the Astral Templars

As an officer of the Vanguard Chambers, the Knight-Venator is part of an officer cadre that answers to a Lord-Aquilor. However, the structures of this formation of the Stormhost is surprisingly autonomous, and individual Knights-Venator are expected to operate outside of direct command for years at a time. The unique skills of the Knight-Venator make them excellent advance scouts for a larger force, bounty hunters, messengers, and even assassins. Ultimately, however, they will eventually have to answer to the Command Echelon of their Chamber.

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Mirko Failoni and Dániel Kovács

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