Date Posted: 24-06-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Isharann Soulscyrer


Today Cubicle 7 producer Emmet Byrne reveals a brand new Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound. We are delighted to bring you these regular updates on Age of Sigmar. Why not jump over to our Facebook and Twitter pages and let us know what you think of this one? If you missed last weeks post you can catch up here.

Hi All, today we’re revealing a brand new Archetype for Age of Sigmar: Soulbound — the relentless Isharann Soulscyrer of the Idoneth Deepkin. 

Seekers and Guides

A diviner and an arcane tracker, by the light of their soul you hunt your quarry from across any distance.

A Soulscryer can see even in pitch darkness, able to navigate across any distance and through any obstacle if guided by the light of a single mortal soul. The Soulscryers are the priests of the Idoneth enclaves. To them falls the responsibility for guiding travellers through the whirlways, communicating with their fellow Soulscryers in distant enclaves, and divining the unfortunate targets of their Akhelian’s next raids. Many Soulscryers will accompany the Idoneth phalanxes, guiding them unerringly towards the battlefield and, once there, singling out the strongest souls for plunder. Others are more circumspect, highly adept at divining the true nature of another beings soul, and it is soulscryers such as these who will mark young Idoneth as being Isharannor Akhelion. Those Soulscryers of a more aggressive character may, in time, find themselves drawn to the path of the Soulrender, a more combative breed of Isharann with the power of ripping a mortal’s soul from their body.

“You cannot run from the Briomdar. Their soulscryers could follow the soul of a fly through the Garden of Nurgle. And guide the phalanx there to retrieve it.”

–         Lurien Soultaker, King of Briomdar

The Idoneth are an insular people with next to no interest in material wealth or dealings with those from beyond their watery borders. However, many enclaves, particularly the outward-looking Ionrach and their descendants, see the benefit in maintaining limited relations with trusted allies. The Soulscryer’s ability to maintain a magical connection with their home enclave makes them perfectly suited to such roles. Their ability to locate and find a single soul from anywhere in the Realms makes them highly sought after by the likes of Witch Hunters or just about anyone with an individual to track down or a grudge to settle. A Soulrender, meanwhile, might be content to prowl a Free City to plunder the souls of its dregs, or join a party of like-minded adventurers to terrorise a common foe.

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Artist Info

Rune Johansson. Find out more here or on Twitter.