Date Posted: 25-03-2019

Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Doomseeker


Today we’re revealing a new Archetype for Age of Sigmar Soulbound – the mighty Doomseeker!

Redemption or Death

Oathsworn to leave your home and never return, you travel the Mortal Realms in search of redemption or death.

The unbreakable oaths of the Fyreslayers are legendary and the Doomseeker epitomises their stubborn sense of honour. No one knows what could drive a Duardin to swear an oath so mighty as to banish them from their own lodge and nor would any who have sworn such an oath ever say, for a Doomseeker is as reticent as they are proud. Some speculate that they are warriors who have disgraced themselves in battle, that they are the sole survivors of a destroyed lodge, or atoning for some familial guilt. Others whisper that this is the fate of an Auric Runeson who fails to rise to Runefather and refuses to bend the knee to a brother. What is true is that Doomseekers had lives before swearing their oaths. While their skills may be a little rusty, a Doomseeker may still surprise their adventuring companions with an unexpected musical talent, pausing to mend a broken down wagon, or haggling with a street vendor like an experienced merchant.

‘You killed it! Who asked for your bloody help?’

– Lugash, son of no Runefather, scion of no lodge

A Doomseeker fears no death, only disgrace, and will never back down from a confrontation without a good reason. Their constant spoiling for a fight will eventually drive long-suffering companions to despair, but most will tolerate it for the sheer brawn and berserker fury they bring to a party. While their companions may never know what drives the Doomseeker in their self-destructive quest, it is this goal that shapes their actions above all else. They could be seeking an ancient treasure that
once belonged to Grimnir, a Chaos champion on whom to mete vengeance, or they could simply have banished themselves over a point of principle, an issue of honour that will be erased only in death.

In Play

Doomseekers are mighty warriors with nothing left to lose. In battle they are terrifying to behold, throwing themselves at their enemies with wild abandon. If you chose to play a Doomseeker you will be a force to be reckoned with in combat. But Doomseekers are more than just barbarians lusting for battle — something in their past set them on this course. This event will fuel a lot of the roleplaying aspect of a Doomseeker and can lead to some dramatic and often tragic moments in play.

Behind the Design

Looking at the Fyreslayers as a faction, there is no shortage of able bodied warriors. When we were trying to decide who to include in the AoSRPG we looked at what archetype would provide the most roleplaying potential. We initially envisioned using the Vulkite Berzerker, but found that the Doomseeker already came equipped with a juicy storyhook. Having to ask yourself why your character was exiled gives players a really strong starting point when playing a new character.

What Next

Over the next few weeks we will reveal more Archetypes for Age of Sigmar Soulbound. We’ll also look at how the factions of the Mortal Realms come into play and show off even more new artwork. Join us over on FacebookTwitter and Instagram for more news!