Date Posted: 08-02-2021

Age of Sigmar: Steam and Steel – Cover Reveal

Welcome back to #MortalRealmsMonday. Last week we were very excited to share the cover for the Soulbound Bestiary, which you can view here. This week we’re sharing another cover for our upcoming Steam and Steel which is also illustrated by the fantastic Johan Grenier!

Aether-powered Kharadron sky-ships soar through the clouds, Corsair wolf-ships cut through the waves armed with monster-hunting harpoons, and helblaster volley guns erupt from the walls of the Free Cities. The cogs of war are ever-turning, and the Mortal Realms are in need of talented smiths.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar Steam and Steel presents everything you need to begin crafting your own weapons, armour, and machines of war. This book contains new aetheric equipment for the Kharadron, new Fyreslayer runes, new weapons and crafting rules, alchemy and potion making, and rules for vehicular combat along with dozens of example ships and war machines. Not only that, but Steam and Steel explores what crafting means to cultures across the Mortal Realms — for some it is simply a job, for others it reflects a lifelong devotion to their deity.

Steam and Steel is perfect for players looking to create their own equipment, and for GMs who are looking to bring ship-to-ship combat and large-scale vehicular destruction to their game!

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