Date Posted: 23-09-2019

Age of Sigmar: All the posts so far!

We were looking back at all of our #MortalRealmsMondays posts and realised just how much we have shared so far. So, we thought it was the perfect time to recap and share all the posts in one place so you can dip in and out and see what you have missed so far! The posts below are listed oldest to most recent.

Soulbound: Doomseeker

The unbreakable oaths of the Fyreslayers are legendary and the Doomseeker epitomises their stubborn sense of honour. No one knows what could drive a Duardin to swear an oath so mighty as to banish them from their own lodge and nor would any who have sworn such an oath ever say, for a Doomseeker is as reticent as they are proud. Some speculate that they are warriors who have disgraced themselves in battle, that they are the sole survivors of a destroyed lodge, or atoning for some familial guilt. Read the full post here.

Soulbound: Branchwych

Branchwyches are attuned to the life magic of the forest and are entrusted with most sacred of roles. It is a Branchwyches duty to guard and protect the soulpod glades and to nurture the spirits growing within. They ensure harmony with the Spirit Song — a mystical melody which all Sylvaneth can hear and one that serves as a unifying force among the forest folk. Branchwyches also serve as receivers of the dead, using their greenwood scythes to harvest the souls of fallen Sylvaneth so they may return to the soulpod glades to grow again.Read the full post here.

Soulbound: Starter Set

As well as the two books, the Starter Set will come with pre-generated characters, player handouts, reference sheets, and lots more goodies we will discuss soon. The cover, created by Johan Grenier (who also created the core book cover art), is shown in full below. The top section (the city guide cover) depicts a city being cleansed of the taint of Tzeentch; the bottom section (the adventure book cover) shows our iconic heroes in desperate battle with hordes of Tzeentchian horrors and a terrifying Lord of Change. Together the two covers combine to make one amazing portrait image. Read the full update here.

Soulbound: How Tests Work

The core of Soulbound involves Tests. Everything you do, from exploration, to roleplaying, to combat, will involve making Tests. You will make a Test when you attempt to do something where the outcome is uncertain or when someone is opposing your action. To make a Test, you will assemble your pool of six-sided dice (d6s) and try to meet or exceed the Difficulty Number (DN) of the Test. Before we get into the details of how to make a Test, first we need to talk about Attributes and Skills. Read full post here.

Soulbound How Tests Work – Part 2

Opposed Tests

When two characters are in direct opposition, the GM will call for an Opposed Test. Opposed Tests are used when one character is trying to get the better of another character, such as sneaking past a guard, fast-talking a cynical Kharadron, or trying to outrun an enraged magmadroth.

When two characters are taking part in an Opposed Test, they are both trying to meet or exceed a DN determined by the GM. Whoever achieves the most successes wins the Test, with the defender winning on a tie. The default DN of an Opposed Test is 4, though this can change if the circumstances benefit or hinder one party or another (see Advantage and Disadvantage below). Read full post here.

Soulbound: Witch Aelf

Few of the mortal races can match the Aelves for agility or grace, but there are few even amongst the Aelves who can rival the lethal sublimity of a Witch Aelf of Khaine. For them the shedding of blood is an ecstatic act, and even their combat exercises are imbued with the weight and deadly seriousness of sacred rites. Though most right-thinking folk find the Khainites’ practices deeply disturbing, there is no organisation outside of the Stormhosts of Azyr more fiercely opposed to the encroachment of Chaos and few boasting warriors so deadly. Temples to the Murder God can be found in most Free Cities, the most famous being run by the larger Khainite sects such as Hagg Nar, Khelt Narr, or Draichi Ganeth. There are, however, innumerable smaller sects, each with their own favoured way of giving proper honour to the god of Murder. Read full post here.

Interview with Producer Emmet Byrne

Soulbound Producer Emmet Byrne chatted to Sprues and Brews about all the latest Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG news, watch it here. Emmet also chatted to Ben from Beasts of War – in case you missed it you can find it here or find the full text here.

Soulbound: Isharann Soulscyrer

A Soulscryer can see even in pitch darkness, able to navigate across any distance and through any obstacle if guided by the light of a single mortal soul. The Soulscryers are the priests of the Idoneth enclaves. To them falls the responsibility for guiding travellers through the whirlways, communicating with their fellow Soulscryers in distant enclaves, and divining the unfortunate targets of their Akhelian’s next raids. Read on here.

Soulbound: Skyrigger

Skyriggers are Kharadron who have mastered the use of a back-mounted aether-endrin. These fantastic devices give them the ability to fly through the air. Bulky, bulbous contraptions, the aether-endrins resemble what they are – miniature versions of the endrins that allow skyships to remain in the air. Continue reading here.

Soulbound: Aether-Khemist

Aether-Khemists perform a vital function in Kharadron society. They know the secrets of aether-gold. They hold the closely guarded knowledge of how to find and follow veins of aether-gold, tracking their drift across the skies. An Aether-Khemist has received instruction from the Guild in a variety of devices they have engineered that can not only locate aether-gold but also gather and refine it, transmuting the caustic gas into a stable solid. Read on here.

Soulbound: Knight-Incantor

The Knight-Incantor is both an able warrior and a potent sorcerer. It is their duty to attend to the Anvil of Apotheosis whereupon all Stormcast Eternals who die are reforged, standing with a coterie of Knights-Incantor to sing the Celestial melodies that will soothe the confused and traumatised souls. Read on here.

Soulbound: Auric Runesmiter

Though their god is dead, the power of an Auric Runesmiter is very real indeed. With their command over the earth’s fire, a Runesmiter can melt stone, boil rivers, or turn a weapon to molten slag in an opponent’s hand. However, their true gift is their connection to the Shattered God. Read the full post here.

Soulbound: Battlemage

Battlemages are exceptional mortals that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the Stormcast Eternals against the horrors of Chaos and hope to survive. These resilient mortals are trained in the arts of magic by the Collegiate Arcane. Read on here.

Soulbound: Knight-Venator

With eagle-sharp senses and a swiftness that no mortal without the blessing of wings can rival, the Knight-Venator takes mastery of the bow to supernatural extremes. The arrows of a Knight-Venator are things of powerful magic, hand-crafted by the Six Smiths of Sigmaron and appearing in the quiver as quickly as they can be loosed. Tracker, hunters and scouts in their mortal lives, each Knight-Venator is expected to show mastery of their immortal gifts by finding and bonding with a Celestial star-eagle. Read on here.

Soulbound: Knight-Azyros

A Knight-Azyros is the power and the majesty of Sigmar. Each knight bears a lantern, a reliquary that holds a single beam of Azyr’s light. It is said that whatever that light falls upon is in Sigmar’s gaze, and so Knight-Azyros are routinely dispatched to the darkest reaches of the Mortal Realms. Read on here.

Soulbound: Isharann Tidecaster

The Tidecasters are arguably the most vital of the Isharann fanes to the day-to-day survival of the Idoneth enclaves. It is their magic that enables the blending of air and sea into the phantasmal medium known as the ethersea, allowing Idoneth to venture onto land and (rarely) trusted representatives of surface nations to enter the realms below. It is their spells too that make travel and war possible, hurling Idoneth phalanxes vast distances to strike at land, and even sending them up rivers and canals to strike deep into a continent’s heart, if need be. Read more here.

Soulbound: Battlesmith

A Battlesmith is the living memory of his lodge. It is their duty to recall the (often dizzyingly long) histories of their lodge, including every oath sworn, battle won, honour debt unpaid, and every Runefather to have borne the honourific “Grimnir”. A Battlesmith will have memorised the lodge’s tangled web of oath debts, ancestral grudges and occasionally contradictory customs by rote, but will just as often be called on to entertain a fyrd on a long march with a bawdy drinking song or a telling of the heroic sagas. Read on here.

Soulbound: Knight-Questor

Even amongst the glittering exemplars of Sigmar’s Stormhosts the Knight-Questor stands above and apart. They are solitary heroes, able and wholly willing to spend months, years, or even centuries if need be, braving the darkest horrors of the Mortal Realms in pursuit of their quest. Read on here.

Soulbound: Excelsior Warpriest

The Mortal Realms are huge, and there are times when the high throne of Azyr can feel very far away indeed. The Excelsior Warpriest is the most zealous of Sigmar’s devoted, gladly carrying the word of the God-King to places that have not felt the light of Sigendil in generations. Read on here.

Soulbound: Kurnoth Hunter

The Kurnoth Hunter is a Free Spirit cultivated by Alarielle as one of her elite warriors. His purpose is to hunt down those who threaten the natural order. In this role he is well-equipped, able to move swiftly and silently across the land. Physically he is a formidable opponent, much larger than a dryad and with a body encased in thick, armour-like bark. The Kurnoth Hunter is more than simply a soldier, however. Read on here.

Soulbound: Logo Reveal

We were excited to recently reveal the logo for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound! But what does it mean to be Soulbound? Producer Emmet Byrne gives some insight into how this will shape your adventures in the Mortal Realms.


The Soulbound are an ancient order dating back to the Age of Myth. During this time the Pantheon of Order created the Soulbound as both servants of the gods and guardians of the Realms. As the Pantheon of Order shattered and the Mortal Realms descended into the Age of Chaos, the Soulbound faded into memory. Now, in a time of utmost need, Sigmar has called on the other gods to join together and resurrect the lost order. Many ignored the God-King’s call but some answered, and now the Soulbound once more walk the Mortal Realms. Read the full update here!

Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Interview

Producer Emmet Byrne was interviewed by TableTop Games UK recently about Cubicle 7’s upcoming Age of Sigmar: Soulbound RPG. Check out the interview here or read a snippet below.

Q: Who are you and what do you do on the development of Age of Sigmar: Soulbound?

A: My name is Emmet Byrne. I’m the Producer on Soulbound, as well as co-designer with Dominic McDowall, our CEO here at Cubicle 7.

Q: For those unaware, what is Age of Sigmar: Soulbound?

A: Age of Sigmar: Soulbound is a tabletop roleplaying game set in the Warhammer: Age of Sigmar universe. It’s the first RPG ever for Age of Sigmar, so it’s pretty exciting to be a part of!