Date Posted: 29-11-2021

66% off Soulbound on DrivethruRPG!

As part of their Cyber Monday Sale, DrivethruRPG have up to 66% off some of our Soulbound titles.

If you want to roleplay in a fantastic, epic world filled with gods, monsters, and daemons, be sure to check it out! This offer is for one day only!

Shop now here! Offer ends very soon.

Core Rulebook now $9.99!

This title received amazing reviews when it released last year.

‘This is one of the best RPG releases of 2011-2020. Easily.’

‘Soulbound looks terrific and feels premium. The layout is nearly flawless’

‘this is a game that wants to be played. It understands exactly what it’s setting out to do and delivers on it.’

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