Warhammer 40,000: Wrath & Glory, The Null Hypothesis

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Wrath and Glory: The Null Hypothesis Sample
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Long ago, an unique order was founded — one that drew together a cadre of gifted outcasts and forged them into one of the Emperor’s finest tools. After His ascension to the Golden Throne this order was all but lost, shunned from greater Imperial society and related to haunt the shadowed fringes of the Imperium.

The Dispensatus Anathema has changed all that. Primarch Reborn Rouboute Guilliman has called to the Sisters of Silence, and his words were not unheeded. The Primarch’s orders have reached even the Forsaken System, and a hidden enclave has risked their very existence to answer.

The Null Hypothesis is a short adventure for Wrath and Glory, suitable for Agents of Tier 3 or above. It also includes a new Archetype, the Sister of Silence, a powerful enemy of Chaos in all its forms. Their very presence is sufficient to nullify most psychic powers, and they are anathema to all those who have been touched by the immaterium. Unfortunately, even ordinary humans have some faint connection to the warp, and find those who lack it to be disconcerting or outright loathsome.

This worries the Sisters little, however. Their ancient vows bind them tightly, and they are possessed of a higher calling. In Gilead in particular, there is much to be done.

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