Date Posted: 18-02-2022

Wrath & Glory: Fast, Faithful & Furious

Recently we launched the pre-order and released the PDF for Church of Steel. Church of Steel contains rules for more than 80 vehicles from the diverse Factions of the 41st Millennium, and narrative-focused rules for running them in your games! Today we’re sharing more on this title.

Nothing in the Imperium of Man is small. Voidships housing tens of thousands of souls ride plasma fire between planets, land vehicles cross entire continents like it’s a daily commute, and even small hive cities are densely packed, miles high homes to millions of souls. So why are we making Wrath & Glory characters trudge from place to place on foot like a bunch of citizen-labourers? 

We’re not. 

Church of Steel adds new rules, profiles, and backstory to add vehicles to your Wrath & Glory games. The book includes 100+ stat blocks for everything from Imperial transports to Astartes tanks, plus xenos vehicles in all their lethal glory. But in the Imperium even the lowliest vehicle is more than a tool and every journey is a calculated risk.

In the Imperium, a vehicle is a holy relic, a vessel for a Machine Spirit that is itself an extension of the Machine God. In the Gilead System, cut off from the rest of the Imperium, the Cult Mechanicus’s holy verses have taken on new wording and even, in some cases, slowly shifted meaning but they still set the tone for the reverent awe in which vehicles are held: 

‘Machine Spirits are gifts bestowed upon faith. 

Ritual is the practice of faith. 

Apostasy invites ruin.’ 

— Fourteenth through Sixteenth of the Sixteen Universal Laws, as recorded in the Gilead System

Vehicles are lovingly and faithfully maintained, both because they’re an extension of the divine and because they’re almost irreplaceable: without the resources and supply chains of the Imperium, all the Adeptus Mechanicus can do is keep these venerable relics ticking over. Innovation is considered heresy by the Cult Mechanicus but in the Gilead System that’s the least of the problem: interfering with the vessel of a Machine Spirit could ruin it, leaving it defunct and useless, and that’s a plight the rulers of the system can ill afford. 

Every journey invites more damage, and yet if machines are safely stored away they benefit nobody. So out they go on assaults, exoduses, and pilgrimages to the most dangerous and remote parts of every planet. Every journey, short or long, across battlefields, wastelands, or urban environments presents its own hazards from wreckers and landmines to stranded wanderers who might be friend or foe. 

Thus each crew speaks reverently of battles won and lost, pointing to the scars and solder marks the vehicle bears as marks of honour. Every vehicle has quirks and idiosyncrasies gained in the course of its repairs. Every vehicle is a living history of the Gilead System, and to travel in one as pilot, crew, or passenger is to ride alongside saints and heroes. 

These histories are constant reminders of the dangers and strife within the isolated Gilead System, where the battles grow more desperate each day. Every vehicle, from mighty Land Raiders and Battlewagons to basic dirtcycles and warbikes, is a prized possession that might never be replaced. They might either represent the glory of the Machine God, the honour of the Craftworld, or perhaps the kunnin’ brutality of Gork and Mork, but all are powerful resources that can tip the scales in any conflict.  

Artwork by Dániel Kovács 

“Storykillinger” Ristik

Art by JG O’Donoghue

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