Date Posted: 11-03-2022

Wrath and Glory: What’s Coming Next?

Recharge your laspacks and pass the bolter rounds, as it’s time for an update on upcoming products for Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory, our action-packed roleplaying game set in the grim dark future of the 41st Millennium. We have a lot planned for Wrath & Glory this year and beyond, and are excited to share some of our plans!

Browse all of our current Wrath & Glory titles here.

Wrath & Glory Gamemaster Screen

Featuring spectacular original art, the Wrath & Glory Gamemaster Screen is a three panel, landscape GM screen, containing: 

  • All of the most frequently referenced (and some obscure but useful) rules.
  • 8 exciting adventures, with options for play at Tiers 1 through 4
  • 6 useful NPCs, highly detailed profiles, suitable for dropping into an ongoing campaign, or using as a Patron or Antagonist to kick off new adventures.

The Wrath & Glory Gamemaster’s Screen will be available for pre-order in the coming weeks.

Wrath & Glory Starter Set

Reckon with daemonic infestations and intra-fleet politics in this introduction to the Wrath & Glory roleplaying game. The Wrath & Glory Starter Set contains everything you need  to get playing, including a learn-to-play adventure, detailed setting info, rules references, and pregenerated characters, dice, all with the exceptional production quality of our existing Starter Sets.

The Wrath & Glory Starter Set includes: 

  • A 48-page adventure scenario designed to teach the basic (and some advanced) rules that can be used as a standalone event or as the starting point for an entire campaign.
  • A 64-page guide to the Varonius Flotilla, home to dozens of ambitious Lord-Captains each vying to advance their own agenda, as well as information on some of the flotilla’s regular ports of call, with lasting value for new and existing players.
  • 5 gatefold character sheets with pre-generated characters, each with their own goals, background, and connections.
  • Three two-sided rules reference sheets with rules for Tests, combat, and psychic powers.
  • A set of custom six-sided dice with Icons and Exalted Icons.
  • Tokens for Wrath, Glory, and Ruin.

We plan to launch an advance pre-order for the Wrath & Glory Starter Set with the GM Screen to allow you to bundle orders, the PDF will be sent once ready with the physical box following later this year.

Threat Assessment: Xenos

At the edges of the Imperium, terrifying alien threats ready for war. The Gilead System is no different, and Jakel Varonius has ordered his scribes to produce a Threat Assessment detailing the Xenos forces in the region. Threat Assessment: Xenos is packed with Threat profiles to challenge Agents of every Tier. The book contains an exhaustive list of Xenos, a run down on the factions history and combat tactics, and information on their presence in Gilead. Each entry also includes a ‘Hotzone’ location for that faction to help GMs build plots around them, and tables of environment-specific battlefield hazards suitable for spicing up any combat encounter.

Featured in the book are Orks, Necrons, Asuryani, Drukhari, T’au and their allies, and the insidious Genestealer Cults.

More on this one soon!

Aeldari: Inheritance of Embers

Like their shattered war god Kaela Mensha Khaine, the Aeldari are a sundered people. Heirs to a Galaxy-wide Empire that no longer exists, all Aeldari fear the touch of She-Who-Thirsts, and each has found their own way to deal with this looming horror. In Gilead, in the grip of the Cicatrix Maledictum, the Immaterium draws closer than ever. Ul-Khari is shattered, enemies circle about the Emerald Princess Ferianwyr, and the emissaries of Cegorach are hardly welcome. At the edges of the system the Durkhari gather in force, certain this weakened outpost of the Imperium is ripe for harvest, and sure that their disparate, pathetic kin have not the strength to stop them from setting the system ablaze.

Inheritance of Embers is the ultimate Aeldari sourcebook for players and GMs alike. It details four factions of the Aeldari; the Asuryani, Corsairs, Harlequins, and Drukhari, with playable Archetypes for all four. Also included are detailed Frameworks and GM advice for running Aeldari focused games, lore and history of the Aeldari in Gilead, as well as a vast selection of elegant and deadly equipment employed by one of the galaxy’s most ancient Xenos factions. 

Vow of Absolution

Vow of Absolution is the ultimate GM and player sourcebook for the Adeptus Astartes, and includes dozens of Archetypes for Firstborn and Primaris marines, a history of the Absolver Chapter and its many secrets, as well as the Chapter’s current organisation in Gilead. This book also gives a detailed look at the Absolver Battle Barge, Vow of Absolution, with a wealth of adventure and story hooks for GMs to use in their campaign.

We have more titles in the pipeline for later this year and beyond 2022, keep an eye out for more on those as this year progresses!

New PDF Releases

Along with our print releases, Wrath & glory will receive consistent support on our digital platforms, with both traditional PDF releases and ongoing support for our virtual tabletop content. 

Pilgrims of the Wastes

An exciting adventure in support of Church of Steel, Pilgrims of the Wastes sees our Agents escorting a pair of heretics destined for the Emperor’s judgement across the surface of Netherus. 

Tools of the Psyker

A PDF of additional Psychic Powers, providing further options to Sanctioned Psykers of the Imperium, and to others not foolish enough to shackle their minds to the will of the corpse-emperor.

Nemesis: Wretches of the Writ    

The Wretches of the Writ are a coven of Heretics sworn to serve The Faithful Writ and its master, the Chaos Lord Maloquence. The PDF contains detailed profiles, a background on the Wretches, and several of their plots and machinations. It provides a ready made nemesis for Tier 1-2 Agents to tackle.

Keep an eye out for more PDF releases later in 2022!

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