Date Posted: 20-04-2022

WFRP: Winds of Magic – Folk and Folklore of the Empire


Folk and Folklore of the Empire: Magical Creatures

‘You’re late. Where were you? The other adherents seemed to make it on time easily enough. Oh, be quiet and take your seat. It would be best, all of you, if you were to be prompt to every lesson, that way we can benefit from the preliminary blessings without repetition. Today’s instruction is on those creatures the wielder of magic may summon to their aid, their properties, and how best to destroy them. Remember that maxim of our order? A foundation of Fierce Faith, a breastplate of Sacred Steel, a blade of Blessed Silver. You will need all three should you seek to vanquish the creations of sorcery.’

‘We will be looking at these creatures in three broad groups. The first are of extreme physical potency, but wild and incomprehensible temperament. These are the great Incarnate Elementals. They can be summoned by a sorcerer through a practice of painstaking ritual and even then, they do not tarry upon the physical world for long and may not behave according to mortal reason as they do so. With that said they are terrible foes, stronger than Giants and fueled by a lust for destruction. There are said to be several forms of these creatures, one for each of the traditions taught by Teclis the Tricksy and his dupe Volans. However, only three have been observed and categorized, the thing of fire, the serpent of death, and the monster of the wild. Sigmar protect you should you have to face any such being. My advice would be to focus on your escape and hope the wicked monster turns its rages on to its summoner.’

‘The next category of magical creatures are strong in body, but mindless and pliable. These are the constructs, beings formed of earthly matter and then given a blasphemous semblance of life through sorcerous invocation. Again, a painstaking ritual is required to build one. They are not as powerful as the terrible incarnates, but they are more obedient. They are mighty beasts, so do not seek to tackle them on your own, but a trained block of halberd can keep them at bay and chip them apart, and big guns make a mess of them.’

‘Finally there are the Familiars. These are the least of magical creatures in terms of physical size and strength, yet they are adaptable and intelligent. A sorcerer must imbue them with a portion of their own essence and, it is said, soul. A high price to pay, but the cost is a servant who, whilst they are possessed of a degree of their own will, is nevertheless bound to serve their creator and assist them in their magical workings. Do not underestimate these lesser abominations. They have drives and personalities of their own and are capable of learning from experience. A newly crafted familiar is a feeble thing, and you ought to assassinate such creatures summarily. But if you are making a move on a sorcerer who has kept such a being over a period of months or years, be wary and observe, with patience you may better understand their strengths and limitations.’

Spell Familiar – Art by Dániel Kovács

Fenbeast Summoning (to top) - Art by Álvaro Jiménez Hernández 

Details of all three types of Magical Creature, how to summon and (hopefully) control them will appear in
Winds of Magic, a 224 page supplement for wizards in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay coming soon from Cubicle 7.

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