Date Posted: 27-01-2021

WFRP: The Blessing that Drew Blood pdf Out Now!

The exciting fourth adventure for Ubersreik Adventures II is available now in PDF! The Blessing that Drew Blood is part of our ongoing series of entertaining scenarios set in the Duchy of Ubersreik, the primary setting of the WFRP Starter Set. If you have already pre-ordered Ubersreik Adventures II you will receive an email to download The Blessing that Drew Blood.

Pre-order the physical copy of Ubersreik Adventures II here and receive Deadly Dispatch, Double Trouble, Fishrook Returns and The Blessing that Drew Blood in PDF now. The final adventure will be sent when released. The physical copy will be sent at a later date.

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Ubersreik Adventures: The Blessing that Drew Blood

Geheimnisnacht — the dreaded night when the Chaos Moon waxes full — is almost upon Ubersreik’s citizens. A foreboding atmosphere permeates the town, and the sense of fear and dread is palpable. A spate of killings has occurred — adding to the terror. The murderers, whomever they may be, seem to target victims from amongst Ubersreik’s holy orders. As Geheimnisnacht draws closer, the killings become more frequent. The city’s priests demand justice for their brothers and sisters, whilst preaching to all to remain vigilant for the merest trace of Chaos flourishing under Morrslieb’s light.

Ubersreik Adventures: The Blessing that Drew Blood includes:

  • A dark and gripping adventure by Dave Allen, allowing your players to delve into a sinister murder mystery.
  • The setting of Ubersreik, as detailed in the WFRP Starter Set, with new locations and citizens described.
  • New minor spells of Slaanesh, designed to inconvenience and embarrass the most stoic of investigators.

The Blessing that Drew Blood is the next exciting adventure in the Ubersreik Adventure series, the primary setting of the WFRP Starter Set. These grim and perilous adventures can be used as short standalone adventures, or easily slotted into any ongoing WFRP campaign.

Ubersreik Adventures II

Ubersreik Adventures II contains five all new adventures, along with a chapter expanding on events in the City of Ubersreik, the setting established in the WFRP Starter Set. It explores the fate of the city, as it teters between direct Imperial control, the rule of the Jungfrueds, and perhaps a glimpse of a more independent future. This section introduces new characters, locations and plots, and provides suggestions and advice on incorporating developments your characters may have experienced (or caused!) during the events of The Enemy Within campaign. 

The first three adventures Deadly Dispatch, Double Trouble and Fishrook Returns are all available now, and will be unlocked as digital downloads with your preorder of Ubersreik Adventures II along with The Blessing that Drew Blood.

Physical copies of Ubersreik Adventures II  will follow at a later date.

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