Date Posted: 25-11-2020

WFRP: One Shots of the Reikland PDF Out Now!

Five Rapid-Fire Adventures in the Grim and Perilous Old World

This a PDF only product.

One Shots of the Reikland offers five short adventures designed for a single frenetic session of play. Each is designed to be easily slotted into an ongoing campaign or  played as a standalone adventure.

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One Shots of the Reikland includes:

  • Come Drown with Me: The business of navigating locks is tedious enough, but to find yourself leaving a lock only to arrive back where you started? Something is afoot at Hartsklein Lock — or perhaps, beneath it.

  • The Lock-in: A quiet night at an inn takes a sharp turn when an enthusiastic Witch Hunter and his mob barricade everyone inside and demand that the heretics be sent out, or they’ll burn the place to the ground with everyone inside. Last orders, please?

  • The Siege of Walen Temple: A father’s mistake returns to haunt the good folk of a sleepy Reikland village. Crowded inside the stout walls of a Temple to Sigmar, how long can they hope to hold out against the ravening horde outside?

  • Curd Your Enthusiasm: An evening of fine wine and vittals ends in disaster and death, and somehow it seems that the cheese might be to blame…

  • A Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: An injured noble is dutifully cared for by the farmers he holds responsible — but is there a limit to hospitality? 

These adventures require the WFRP rulebook to enjoy (currently part of our Black Friday Sale!). Each adventure makes use of a location from Buildings of the Reikland, and includes the location map from that publication. You do not need Buildings of the Reikland to play these adventures, but the extra detail found there may be useful to some groups.

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