Date Posted: 25-05-2022

WFRP Folk and Folklore of the North – the Baron’s First Night

The Haugfylk – Image by Andreas von Cotta-Schønberg


Does Morr send me dreams? Is this waking life?

My coronation was to end our strife

So why am I abroad alone at night?

As my eyes shut this sphere of azure light

Swam about roofbeams of my privy room

Then led me here into the dust and gloom.

There! Now figures in the murk I can view,

Several spectres if I have it true.



Newly crowned Grand Baron we hie thee here

that we royal spirits may so bend thine ear

and tell thee of things that are and may be.

By Ulric keep your tongue while we tell thee.



By all of the gods, legends tell no lies

Yet to find them real is still a surprise.

A council of elders once championed

but long since dead lie under Salzenmund.



Oh hush! Listen if thou art halfway wise.

You rule a province we all dearly prize.

Yet near half the land is not truly yours

and it will not bend to fury or force.

The Queen of the Laurelorn governs there

make a friend of her or risk great despair.


Lad, take my advice, no friendship is due

for all of these lands should belong to you!

The forest Queen’s subjects respect no laws

and ignore their borders, so ignore yours.

Leafbeard Hans – Portrait by Yugin Mafioli


Caution, dear Baron, the Elf Queen is strong

quick to eliminate who does her wrong

win favour by hunting Goblins about

win trust first, then she will not likely doubt.

Fey folk may lead the odd farmboy astray

but Elf arrows help keep the Norse at bay.



That I command half my land grieves me sore.

Some of you counsel peace, others say war.


War indeed, if not against the Elf Queen,

then you should focus on matters marine,

your emperor wants you to build your ships.

Praise Manann, who every sailor worships.

Sail straight to Marienburg and blockade

or cause the Graeling to suffer a raid.

Temple of Manann – Scene by Anthony Boursier


Oh, and so should the Skaeling escape war?

Their coastline is closer than Graeling shore.

Water, they say, is not so thick as blood,

and the Moltke line grew from Norscan bud.


Let us not squabble, Theodric my dear,

to my eyes a great many things are clear,

don’t pick fights with Elves or Berserker tribe,

for you have a foe I fear to describe.


He tells it true, Baron, reserve thy strength,

the Doomlord will reveal himself at length.

Dieter Helsnicht – Figure by Anthony Boursier

Salzenmund - Coming Soon!

Salzenmund promises opportunity and excitement to adventurous souls. Explorers depart from the city to trade with fur-clad Norscans or brave the wide sea to Lustria. But the ruling Gausser family, newly installed and ambitious, threaten the stability of the Empire. The head of the family talks of a reconquest of the Wasteland and defiance of their old masters in Middenheim. In the taverns by the docks, vicious and crooked folk conspire in smuggling and piracy. Worse still, the honeyed whispers of forbidden cults entice the truly desperate into the worship of Chaos.

Salzenmund contains:

  •   A guide to the history of this important port in the Empire’s north.
  •   The makeup of Salzenmund’s government and their intrigues.
  •   A detailed look at the most important locations and landmarks in the city.
  •   Mysteries of Salzenmund, including a council of ghostly past rulers and an entity of pure Chamon.
  •   Details of how to manage smuggling operations and mining concerns in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.
  •   The monsters that haunt the Empire’s lakes and rivers, the Chaos cults hidden within Salzenmund’s citizens, adventure hooks and profiles for GM support.
  •   Player options for Characters from the city and surrounding region.


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