Date Posted: 21-10-2021

WFRP: Feast of Blood Updated File

The Feast of Blood files have just been updated. If you have already purchased this product you should receive an email to update your files.

Updates Include:

A typo and missing attributions in credits have been updated

Typos in body text corrected

The stat block for the Scarecrows has been updated

NPC who should have been terrifying now has the Terror trait

Bookmarks added throughout


To the east of Stirland lies the cursed land of Sylvania, but Vampires are not the only blood-sucking horror that dwells amidst those haunted pines. A Gheimisnacht feast is planned, and the Characters must provision it, lest they find themselves on the menu. Strange alliances must be struck, and stranger threats navigated, if the Characters are to survive the Feast of Blood.

Feast of Blood is a new scenario by Robin Low, packed with creeping horror, making it perfect for a single horror-filled play session. The adventure includes four pre-generated Player Characters so you can dive right into the sanguine action.

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