Date Posted: 13-11-2019


We have been scanning 1st Ed WFRP books to allow us to offer them in PDF for those who would like to use them in their campaigns, but can’t get their hands on them! Last week we released Aprocrypha Now, find out more here. This week we have another PDF for you to enjoy – Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Doomstones – Fire in the Mountains. Buy it here.

Fire in the Mountains is the first part of the Doomstones Campaign.

In this WFRP adventure, a chance discovery puts the adventurers on the trail of a fabled magical artefact in the wild, lawless lands of the Border Princes. The trail leads through ancient caverns, across monster-infested wastes and over sites of ancient power, following the course of a long-past Ore invasion. Finding the object of their quest is one thing – but will the adventurers be able to take It?

Designed for adventurers in their second or third careers, this adventure opens up a challenging new area of the Warhammer world, where only the strong and the cunning survive for long.

Fire in the Mountains Includes the following:

  • Full background information on the events which have led up to the start of this adventure.
  • The adventure itself, with all necessary maps, player handouts and GM aids.
  • A selection of pregenerated player characters, with complete backgrounds.
  • An appendix giving full details of the Crystal of Fire, the powerful magical artefact which forms the basis of this adventure

Fire in the Mountains breaks down in to five distinct phases, or chapters:

  • Help Never Came
  • The Reavers’ Trail
  • The Lone Tower
  • The Twisted Lands
  • The Watchers on the Hill

This product is a page by page scan of Doomstones Part 1 – Fire in the Mountains from first edition WFRP.

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