Date Posted: 01-04-2020

WFRP: Doomstones Part 3 PDF

We have been scanning 1st Ed WFRP books to allow us to offer them in PDF for those who would like to use them in their campaigns, but can’t get their hands on them! Now, more than ever these PDFs are an excellent way to keep yourself entertained and offer some escapism during this current crisis.

This product is a scan of Doomstones Part 3 – Death Rock from first edition WFRP. Death Rock is the third part of the Doomstones Campaign.

“They’re coming back! You must get to Eyrie, stop them getting the Crystal! To Eyrie … “

Buy this title here. And find out more about Doomstones Part 1 here and Part 2 here – both also available in PDF!

A hundred years on, the Ogres of the Bloodaxe Alliance once again threaten the Yetzin Valley. Their target is the great monastery of Eyrie, standing high on a pinnacle of rock above the Winter’s Teeth Pass. And, a century ago, it was to Eyrie that the Dwarf-mage Yazeran fled with the fabled Crystal of Air when the Ogres first invaded the valley.

Now, the adventurers must reach the monastery and find the Crystal before the new Ogre army, driven on by its sorcerous master, attacks Eyrie. The only problem for the adventurers is solving a little puzzle that Yazeran left behind…

Designed for adventurers in their third or fourth careers, this adventure sees the characters continue their search for the ancient Crystals of Power, and hunt through a remote mountain monastery for the Crystal of Air.

Death Rock Includes the following:

  • Full background information on the events which have led up to the start of this adventure.
  • The adventure itself, with all necessary maps, player handouts and GM aids.
  • A selection of pre-generated player characters, with complete backgrounds.
  • An appendix giving full details of the Crystal of Air, the powerful magical artefact which forms the basis of this adventure.

Blood in Darkness breaks down into three distinct phases, or chapters:

  • The Warning
  • Eyrie
  • The Attack

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