Date Posted: 29-06-2019

WFRP: Death on the Reik – The Enemy Within Director’s Cut, Vol 2


We are delighted to share some detailed information on WFRP:Death on the Reik – The Enemy Within Director’s Cut, Vol 2 and the Vol 2 companion! You can catch up on our WFRP: Enemy in Shadows – Enemy Within Campaign Director’s Cut Vol. 1 and the Enemy in Shadows Companion Vol 1 here.

We recently shared information about our Collectors’s Editions – there’s still time to advance pre-order Vol1 or the whole set of ten books.

While the standard editions are not yet available for pre-order – we will update you in advance of pre-orders for both Volumes opening.

Welcome to part 2 of the revised and updated Director’s Cut of the Enemy Within, one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written! Death on the Reik carries on from where Enemy in Shadows left off, taking your brave heroes on a grand adventure up and down the remarkable Reik, the largest river in the Old World.

Death in the Reik Includes:

  • The next two adventures of the Enemy Within campaign: Death on the
    Reik, and The Wittgenstein Horror, both of which are revised and updated by Graeme Davis, legendary WFRP author, and one of the
    original writers of the campaign.
  • A selection of ‘Grognard Boxes’ that add entirely new ways to play through the adventures, ensuring even those who have played the Enemy
    campaign before will find Death on the Reik fresh and new.
  • A complete guide to ‘River Life of the Empire’, detailing everything
    required to take your games of WFRP to the dangerous rivers of the

The Enemy Within is the campaign all roleplayers should play at least once in their lives, making Death on the Reik an essential purchase for all gamers.

WFRP: Death on the Reik Companion

The Death on the Reik Companion is the second of our 5-part series of companion volumes to the Enemy Within campaign. It is packed with supplementary material to not only expand Death on the Reik but also
support any WFRP games set on the rivers of the Empire.

Companion Includes:

Guest Commentaries: James Wallis, writer and developer of WFRP 1st
Edition, and Martin McKenna, the artist for the original Death on the
Reik, reflect on their memories of the Enemy Within campaign.

Deleted Scenes: The Imperial Plenipotentiary and The Maria Borgia
add two updated and expanded scenes to include in any river-based

Extracts from Hortensia Puddlefoot’s General Concordance of Herbs:
A selection of new herbs to add to your games of WFRP.

Life on the Reik: A deep examination of river life in the Empire, including expanded trading rules, new river vessels, boat upgrades, canal locks and tolls, river travel rules, the Imperial River Patrol, river crime, and much more.

The River Bestiary: A host of new river-based creatures to terrorise those foolish enough to go swimming.

Waterborne Diseases: A collection of waterborne diseases to make any
adventurer pause before wading too deep.

The Imperial Semaphore Service: The Empire’s extraordinary engineering project to send messages across the Empire is detailed in full, explaining the wide-ranging plans for this newest communication service.

River Trading Posts of the Reikland: A guide to the river trading hubs of the Reikland, from the largest merchant towns to the smallest villages.

Riverfolk of the Reik: A wide range of river-based NPCs to add to any WFRP adventure, with hints and tips for how to use them.

The Red Crown: A GM’s Guide: A complete breakdown of the Red Crown, one of the most dangerous Tzeentch cults of the Empire.

The Emperor Luitpold: An update of the WFRP 1st edition supplement The Emperor Luitpold, detailing one of the Reik’s most luxurious river liners.

The Vengeance of the Gravelord: Part 1 of a sequence of adventures that run parallel to the Enemy Within, including an adaption of the WFRP 1st edition classic, Carrion up the Reik.

The Death on the Reik Companion is not only an essential supplement to the second part of Enemy Within campaign, it is also an indispensable guide for any adventure taking place on the rivers of the Empire.

WFRP:Death on the Reik – The Enemy Within Director’s Cut, Vol 2 cover art by Ralph Horsley and Companion cover art by JG O’Donoghue.

Available Quarter 4 2019.

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