Date Posted: 14-04-2022

WFRP: Beware The Emperor’s Wrath!

The Emperor’s Wrath – Scene by Sam Manley

Throughout the Old World Leonardo di Miragliano is hailed as the greatest engineering genius who ever lived. Although he has been dead for centuries, and although he founded an engineering school in Altdorf to instruct like-minded folk in his methods and teachings, no Human has come close to him in terms of innovation and ingenuity in the field of engineering. Even the Dwarfs, who can usually be relied upon to sneer at the efforts of Manling engineers, admit to being staggeringly impressed by the complexity and efficiency of Leonardo’s designs.

He was a master of several fields. His leaning towers spawned an architectural craze in his home city of Miragliano, and now copycat structures can be found all over Tilea. His artistic accomplishments include the fresco he painted upon the domed ceiling of the Temple of Myrmidia in Wurtbad.

His most famous accomplishment was the creation of a dozen Steam Tanks, engines of war that mount heavy artillery within the armoured hull that is propelled by a steam engine. The Imperial School of Engineers puzzle over Leonardo’s blueprints but have so far failed to replicate his designs. The best they can do is keep the ancient machines in working order, and even so only eight of the clanking behemoths survive.

The Emperor’s Wrath is a scenario for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay featuring the effort to recover one of the Empire’s most prized weapons of war. The Characters will have to summon all their reserves of courage, ingenuity and skill to track down the missing asset and return it safely, struggling as they do so against powerful and loathsome Bog Mummies, ancient magic-wielding Bog Liches and foes of a decidedly mercenary persuasion.

Not only is The Emperor’s Wrath an exciting scenario by writer Michael Duxbury, but it also contains all the background and rules a GM will need to feature Steam Tanks in games of WFRP.

The Emperor’s Wrath will soon be available from Cubicle 7, continuing a long line of high-quality short adventures available as PDFs only.

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