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‘Every day I stay alive, you get one gold crown. No strings attached.’

– Ernst Blücher, Cobbler

The last surviving member of Ubersreik’s Cobblers’ Guild has a simple request: Figure out who is doing away with the town’s cobblers, and put an end to them before they put an end to Ernst Blücher. Three lie dead already, and it is only a matter of time before whoever is responsible finishes what they started. Is it the work of a jealous rival, a simple coincidence, or an attempted takeover by Deisdorf’s notoriously militant Cobblers’ Guild? The Players have much to untangle while they wait for the other shoe to drop…

No Strings Attached takes place in the town of Ubersreik, the setting for the WFRP Starter Set and Ubersreik Adventures I and II. Characters will flex their investigative muscle to uncover the secrets of the murders before their patron falls foul of the same villain. No Strings Attached is suitable for 1–2 sessions of play and works equally well as part of an ongoing campaign or as a standalone adventure.

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