Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: Hirelings of the Old World

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Four ‘Honest’ Hirelings for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay The Old World is steeped in threat. Death can be found in the unnatural creatures circling at the edge of civilisation, in the whims of a cold hearted noble, or at the blade of a desperate thief. Few can make it alone, and there is no shame in spending good coin for good help. Even the most competent band of adventurers can find themselves in need of a specialist’s help. Enter the Hirelings, useful folks who know their skills are in demand, and who are happy to accept coin in return for service. Of course few people who choose to make a living in this way come without some kind of baggage, and one must always be wary of loyalty purchased with coin... Hirelings of the Old World includes four unique hirelings, each with their own set of skills, their own demands for payment, and detailed background and plot hooks to draw the Characters into their lives. Of course, taking on the concerns of another can bring troubles all of their own... Hirelings of the Old World includes:
  • Luhrghur ‘Lantern’Angryfist: An Ogre Mercenary with a proven record of accomplished and brutal service, and a particular taste for Beastmen. For the right price, Lantern boasts, he can put on a fabulous magic act — in particular he excels at making people disappear.
  • Lirwen Amberbloom: A Wood Elf Spy who found the insights of the criminal underworld to be far more useful than the waffle of courtly gossipers, Lirwen excels at gathering information. Whether local gossip or a detailed profile on a mark, the Wood Elf excels at providing insights — for a price.
  • Henrietta ‘Corny’ Cornflower: A Halfling intent on climbing the rungs of the Empire’s social ladder, Corny left her humility behind her when she departed the Mootland. Still, her observations into the upper echelons of the Empire are insightful, and for the right price she can provide access to the sort of places that some Characters would be tossed out from in an instant.
  • Angela the Red: A human Hunter of notable skill, Angela serves as Master of the Hunt to Lord Hans Taalhoffer, though her lord allows her leeway in providing services to others. She is an excellent guide and trapper, but has little need for coin. She demands payment by way of favour, and the favours she requests can quickly grow in scope.
The rules for Hirelings found in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay provide a basic guide for hired help. These four detailed NPCs provide both a detailed ally as well as adventure ideas that are perfect to drop into an ongoing campaign or to serve as the seed of entirely new adventures.

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