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This item is a digitized version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Old World Bundle for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. The Foundry Virtual Tabletop and WFRP Core Module are required. This purchase will grant you an activation code which can be activated through your Foundry account. Afterwards you will be able to download and access the Module via the Foundry Virtual Tabletop Launcher. If you would like to purchase the PDF versions of the Old World Adventures you can find them all here.

WFRP Old World Bundle

Steeped in subterfuge, machinations and kingdom building, stepping into the Old World is no task for the fainthearted – the Old World Bundle contains eight titles previously released as short PDF only options that will help expand your WFRP adventures.

The Old World Bundle includes:

  • Patrons of the Old World I
  • Patrons of the Old World II
  • Hell Rides to Hallt
  • The Spirit of Mondstille
  • Hirelings of the Old World
  • The Cluster-Eye Tribe
  • Feast of Blood
  • Something Knocking

Patrons of the Old World 1: 

Amidst the daily struggle for survival, some remarkable, resilient, and deeply ambitious individuals rise above quotidian concerns to reach for something great. Passionate diplomats, insightful investigators and renowned performers — all strive for far more than mere survival. These powerful and charismatic patrons just need a bit of assistance to achieve it. Full of incredible knowledge and useful information, these patrons might prove invaluable to your party, but in a grim and perilous world, just who can you trust?

Patrons of the Old World 1 details four unique NPCs, each with their own string of plot hooks and an ultimate goal for Characters to aid — or hinder — them in achieving.  Though tied to specific locations in the Old World, each may be dropped into an ongoing campaign anywhere in the Empire.

Patrons of the Old 1 World includes:

  • Scealleah ‘Shelley’ Thorncobble: A cunning investigator desperate to shout from the rooftops the most insidious taboo of the Empire — that a species of loathsome ratmen gnaws at the very roots of the Old World.
  • Farforian Whiteshore: The longest serving Elf diplomat to the Empire, some say that Farforian has grown bored of diplomacy.
  • Nayadaryn ‘Bonemonger’ Frostweald:Orphaned and set adrift in the world, the Eonir Nayadaryn Forstweald seeks to recover the pilfered ancient relics of Elves.
  • Guttra Morbinssniz: A talented actress and enthusiastic bon vivant, one tryst too many saw Guttra spill blood that was all too real.

Patrons of the Old World II:

WFRP Patrons of the Old World II details another four unique NPCs. The Empire is a nation mired in political connivings, injustice, warfare and want — with layers upon layers of resentment and an in-depth knowledge of the Old World, these powerful patrons will liven up any WFRP adventure!

Patrons of the Old World II includes:

  • Wilhelm Von Vaulk: A once mighty Wizard, Wilhelm was struck low in battle with a half dozen Orc Shamans.
  • Angela Hedamme: A mysterious wise woman of the woods, Angela once held a position of influence in the Empire as trusted midwife to the great and the good, until a premonition of ruin sent her scrabbling for solutions few would countenance.
  • Bryannah ‘Der Breikase’ Rosendorn: A fish rots from the head down, and there are few so rotten as the Empire’s Nobility — at least in Rosendorn’s view.
  • Diel Ulricsson: The great churches of the Empire are corrupt, and even those who have escaped the taint of Chaos preach heresy.

Hell Rides to Hallt

Hell Rides to Hallt is an adventure that explores justice, vengeance, and the twisting of old stories and older faiths. On the road to Hallt, with Hexensnacht perilously close and Morrslieb hanging gibbous in an ominous sky, a coach clatters through the night. Inside, a city-soft lawyer scoffs at tales of a headless horseman scouring the lands, taking heads and leaving widows in his wake. This adventure is suitable for 3-5 players on their first or second Careers, and is suitable for playing in a single, blood-soaked night. It takes place in Hallt, an isolated town nestled between the Grey Mountains and the Reikwald, but could take place anywhere in the Empire.

The Spirit of Mondstille 

In the remote mining town of Kupfertal, the Lurchen family are willing to extend their hospitality to those who would otherwise suffer in the harsh, bleak and biting winter cold. Roving Goblins threaten those who stray too far from the warmth of their Taal Logs. Feasts, blessings and games warm the hearts of the Lurchens, but despite the Mondstille cheer, old ghosts of feast days’ past make a timely appearance and skeletons come out of the closet.

Originally published online as ‘The Ghost of Mondstille’, this scenario by Clive Oldfield is the perfect bleak midwinter’s tale containing:

  • An investigation into mysterious goings on at the Kupfertal Guesthouse, a detailed location with accompanying map.
  • Details of a number of entertaining Mondstille traditions common to the Reikland.
  • How to play charades with rustic Reiklanders.

Hirelings of the Old World

Hirelings of the Old World includes four unique hirelings, each with their own set of skills, their own demands for payment, and detailed background and plot hooks to draw the Characters into their lives.

Hirelings of the Old World includes:

  • Luhrghur ‘Lantern’Angryfist: An Ogre Mercenary with a proven record of accomplished and brutal service, and a particular taste for Beastmen.
  • Lirwen Amberbloom: A Wood Elf Spy who found the insights of the criminal underworld to be far more useful than the waffle of courtly gossipers, Lirwen excels at gathering information.
  • Henrietta ‘Corny’ Cornflower: A Halfling intent on climbing the rungs of the Empire’s social ladder, Corny left her humility behind her when she departed the Mootland.
  • Angela the Red: A human Hunter of notable skill, Angela serves as Master of the Hunt to Lord Hans Taalhoffer, though her lord allows her leeway in providing services to others.

The Cluster-Eye Tribe

The Cluster-Eye Tribe of Forest Goblins haunt the Drakwald. While many Goblin tribes are subject to control by their larger Orcish cousins, the Cluster-Eye Tribe remains fiercely independent, thanks in no small part to warbands like that of Vish Venombarb.

This release provides stat profiles for Vish Venombarb, his Shaman Bograt the Blasted, one of the warband’s elite warriors, and one of their sneaky scouts, as well as the terrifying spiders they ride into battle. All are fully prepared and ready to be used against any band of adventurers foolish enough to cross their path. A selection of plot hooks, descriptions of the disposition of Vish’s forces and their typical tactics are also detailed, resulting in a Goblin encounter your Players are unlikely to forget — if they survive.

Something Knocking

Something Knocking takes place on an artery of trade and trouble. A band of pirates has been the cause of a great deal of trouble along a stretch of the river, and a strange phenomenon has been linked to their activities. The Characters may have to form an unlikely alliance and dip into the murky waters of folklore and magic to solve a mystery and bring the reavers to justice.

This scenario would be perfect to play during Death on the Reik (Vol 2 of The Enemy Within Campaign), or as the Characters travel between Altdorf and Bögenhafen during Enemy in Shadows. It also works perfectly well as a stand alone adventure, or for use as part of an ongoing campaign set in the Reikland.

Feast of Blood

To the east of Stirland lies the cursed land of Sylvania, but Vampires are not the only blood-sucking horror that dwells amidst those haunted pines. A Gheimisnacht feast is planned, and the Characters must provision it, lest they find themselves on the menu. Strange alliances must be struck, and stranger threats navigated, if the Characters are to survive the Feast of Blood.Feast of Blood is a scenario packed with creeping horror, making it perfect for a single horror-filled play session. The adventure includes four pre-generated Player Characters so you can dive right into the sanguine action.

The Old World Bundle Foundry VTT Module Contains:

  • 78 Actors, consisting of powerful patrons, hardy hirelings, devious Cluster-Eye Goblins, and the multitude of other NPCs that make up the Old World adventures
  • 18 Items, including the highly sought-for Cluster-Eye creature templates that can be applied to Actors with a simple drag-drop.

46 Journal Entries that give in-depth detail on hirelings, patrons (as well as their associated Endeavours) and the various Old World Adventure scenarios

This item is a digitized version of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Old World Bundle for the Foundry Virtual Tabletop. The Foundry Virtual Tabletop and WFRP Core Module are required. This purchase will grant you an activation code which can be activated through your Foundry account. Afterwards you will be able to download and access the Module via the Foundry Virtual Tabletop Launcher. If you would like to purchase the PDF versions of the Old World Adventures you can find them all here.

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