Date Posted: 05-11-2021

Wrath & Glory 40k Line Recap

With numerous releases such as Affliction Ascendent, Church of Steel, the Starter Set and the GM Screen coming soon, we want to take a look back at all the releases for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory so far.

For more on upcoming releases, check out our last production update here.

What is Wrath & Glory?

Prepare to face the perils of the Dark Imperium, a grim and dangerous future plagued by the star-spanning schemes of the Ruinous Powers.

The Cicatrix Maledictum, the Great Rift, has torn the galaxy apart. Time and space have bent and buckled under the Warp storm’s wrath. Daemons surge into realspace, sowing destruction in their wake. The Imperium of Man has lost contact with untold worlds, and stands on the brink of disaster. 

This is a game of intrigue and adventure. This is a game of action and carnage. This is a game about the struggle to stop the doomsday clock from striking midnight.

Walk under the shattered skies of forsaken worlds, and defend the Gilead System from enemies within and without. Undo the perfidious plots of strange and ancient alien species. Foil hidden heretics with faith, ingenuity, and merciless violence. Decimate horrific daemons with righteous zeal and arcane technology. Welcome to the forsaken system, where corruption, fear, and superstition are rife. Find out more here.

Wrath & Glory Core Rulebook – Out Now

The Wrath & Glory Rulebook (shown above) is everything you need to roleplay grim and glorious adventures in the Gilead System.

The sinister schemes of the Chaos Gods have shattered the galaxy. The Great Rift tore through space and reality, pushing mortal life to the precipice of oblivion. The Gilead System has lost contact with the vast Imperium, trapped in the silent darkness. As the shadows of extinction loom, hope fades but is not yet entirely extinguished.

Rallied by the Rogue Trader Jakel Varonius, a disparate group are dedicated to doing what must be done to keep the Gilead System from being consumed by the darkness. Can they resist the machinations of Chaos as well as the plots of those who see the rift as an opportunity to further their own power?

Time is running out in the 41st Millennium. This accursed age needs heroes more than ever before.

Will you answer the call?

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Forsaken System Player’s Guide

Cut off from the might of the Imperium by the Great Rift, and beset on all sides by the daemonic forces that emerge from the tear in reality, the Gilead System stands as a bastion of faith in the Emperor. Unable to call for reinforcements or escape the System, the citizens of these planets fight to preserve the Imperial Creed as they battle back the vile xenos, corrupted renegades, and foul daemons that assail them.

But even as the Imperium’s diverse factions  unite in this time of desperation, the rifts between them grow. With the Emperor’s watchful gaze obscured by the Great Rift, powerful opportunists pursue their own goals, and reignite old rivalries. The grim worlds of the Gilead System are rife with intrigue, betrayal, and secretive plots.

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Litanies of The Lost


Bathed in the corrupt light of the Great Rift, the Gilead System is rife with peril. Vile xenos assail humanity from all sides, internecine strife between the factions of the Imperium threaten a catastrophic civil war, and daemonic entities penetrate reality from Cicatrix Maledictum.

Discover devious plots and unravel murderous mysteries amongst feuding faiths on the agri world of Ostia. Investigate tech heresy, mechanical misdemeanours, and arcane rituals amongst the manufactora of the forge world Avachrus. Protect the holy shrine world of Enoch from enemies without, and traitors within.

Litanies of the Lost contains four exciting scenarios suitable for Wrath & Glory characters of Tiers 1 and 2. These can be played as entertaining stand-alone adventures, or combined into a perilous planet-hopping campaign that highlights the political strife and myriad dangers present in the Gilead System.

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Redacted Records

Explore the space hulks of the Gilead System — huge, drifting masses of ships welded together by gravity and the flames of the Warp, and home to hazard and opportunity in equal measure. Redacted Records I takes Wrath & Glory games away from the relative safety of the Gilead System’s planets and out into the depths of the Void to face unimaginable danger.

This magazine-style collection of articles uncovers numerous secrets of the Gilead System, opening up new settings and antagonists for players to explore and confront, and new character options to increase Agents’ chance of surviving these new and perilous situations.

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Rain of Mercy – Free

Rain of Mercy is a free entertaining introduction to the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium and Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory. The booklet —originally available only as part of Free RPG Day — is a short primer on the world of Warhammer 40,000, the glorious Imperium and its many foes, and the forsaken Gilead System trapped by the Great Rift. It also includes an action-packed adventure using simplified game rules so you can start playing immediately.

Download the Rain of Mercy PDF free here

Graveyard Shift – Free

Graveyard Shift is a clandestine mission perfect for introducing players to the horrors of daily life (and death) in the 41st Millennium. Tasked by an Interrogator of the Inquisition to retrieve a dangerous xenotech artefact, the Agents explore a corpse starch production facility, encounter villainous Scum, and scour the dangerous wastes of the Boneyards before confronting the profane dangers of xenos technology.

Download Graveyard Shift Free here

Battlefield Adventures – Bloody Gates PDF

Part 1

Set entirely during the battle for Tora Armis, The Bloody Gates is a Tier-1 scenario for a group of characters sentenced to service in a penal legion, fighting for the slim chance they’ll earn their freedom.

Set entirely during the battle for Tora Armis, The Bloody Gates is a Tier-1 scenario for a group of characters sentenced to service in a penal legion, fighting for the slim chance they’ll earn their freedom. 

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On The Wings of Valkries PDF

Part 2

Heretic traitors hold the Hive Spire of Tora Armis, in the heart of Gilead Primus. While the Astra Militarum fight tooth and nail for the outer districts, an elite Imperial strike team forges deeper into the spire in pursuit of the witch Raurok the Herald and his twisted acolytes. In a spire overwhelmed by corruption, the Agents’ only allies are a gang of hive scum; not much support, against a hive full of twisted heretics.

Raurok, a sorcerer in service to the Plague God, is not long for this world, but his death is a sacrifice that welcomes in the Ruinous Powers. Can the strike team face down the Daemonic threat he’ll summon?

The second of four battlefield adventures set during the battle for Tora Armis, On the Wings of Valkyries  is a Tier-2 scenario for a group of Imperial Agents acting as a specialist strike team.

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Lord of The Spire PDF

Part 3

The Astra Militarum have pried the gates open and reclaimed the outer zones of the spire, but Lord Van Staten’s palace pumps out poisonous heresy like a bloated heart pumps diseased blood. A team in service to Inquisitor Tytrona Dikaisune must lead an elite military strike team into the depths of a palace infected with Nurgle’s rot, confront the daemon responsible, and stop the sickness from spreading.

The third of four battlefield adventures set during the battle for Tora Armis, Lord of the Spire is a Tier-3 scenario for a group of elite Agents seconded to assist the Inquisition. 

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Coming very soon: part 4, Affliction Ascendant, will feature a Tier-4 squad of Space Marines on the same battlefield.

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