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WFRP Up in Arms- The Cult of Myrmidia



We recently released Up in Arms for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, below we share more on this exciting release! In stores in Q3.

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The younger Kreiglitz informed me that his scouts had reported heavy enemy forces moving to the south of the river. A battalion designed to pin the enemy in place and deliver a shocking blow, consisting of the flower of Ostland’s Knightly Orders backed up by several regiments of halberd and a force of crossbowmen picked from the Wolfenburg tower guards. Our own force consisted of mixed infantry, three cannon, and a regiment of Tilean pikemen.

“The perfect battlefield lies just to the east!” The count was indicating a chart of the country about. “We can form up our troops here and place the cannons to either side, enfilade the enemy as they cross the field.”

It had been a dry spring. I informed him that the enemy would not take long crossing the field and would move to neutralize the cannon before encircling our infantry. I pointed to the western edge of the field, where a steep cliff dominated the prospect.

“Best to deploy a few of your regiments at the base of this cliff. Wide file, but shallow ranks, make it look like you committed to the position more than you have. Then artillery, gunners and archers should be stationed here.” I indicated the top of the cliff. “If the enemy dither you will be able to benefit from the range of your guns, but if they commit to a charge you will whittle them to kindling during the process.”

“A forlorn fate for the men at the base of cliff.” He said.

“Remember your Allurian,” I told him, “‘A soldier denied the route to rout fights with the ferocity of a White Lion.’”

“And the Tileans?”

“To either side of the artillery. Those pikes should dissuade opportune flankers.”

“So … we spill Imperial blood but spare the lives of the southerners?”

I couldn’t help but think he was glaring at the medallion depicting the Leopard of Luccini which I often wear whilst on campaign. The Bellona Myrmidia tells us not to rely on luck, but it cannot hurt to court it a little.

“Those southerners will not quit the field if they want paid, so will form a staunch backline. Also, it never hurts to show mercenaries that you don’t consider them expendable. Word has it that von Tasseninck contracted his own Reman pikemen. Treat your own with respect and it might pay significant dividends in the months to come.”

Warrior Priest of Myrmidia – figure by Sam Manley

Myrmidia is a goddess of the sunny lands to the south of the Empire. Like Sigmar and Ulric she is deity of war, but whilst she is beseeched to lend strength to the soldier’s sword arm, or courage to the regiment under fire, she is considered something of an officer’s goddess. Her domain is the science and strategy of war, and she is invoked by generals, engineers and advisors as much (if not more) than she is by the soldiers of the rank and file.

Up in Arms features a lengthy article on the Cult of Myrmidia, with more attention and detail than has ever been lavished on the goddess than ever before. Her links with characters past and present is explained. How did she inspire Leonardo di Miragliano? Did she show Ennio Mordini a path to cheat death? How have her cult incorporated the tactical advice of outsiders such as Allurian, or Berndt Lavaspear?

For the first time a detailed history of Tilea is considered considering the development of the Myrmidian cult, and varied legends regarding the foundations of Tilea are discussed. The bitter split between the Remans and Magrittans is described, and several persons of key importance to the cult are detailed.

For players the Myrmidian Warrior Priest is added as a career option, several new miracles are provided, how best to abide by the goddess’ somewhat flexible strictures are given, and the attitudes of Myrmidians to rival sects and cults is discussed.

Altdorf’s Temple of Myrmidia Incazzata – JG O’Donoghue

Up In Arms is a sourcebook containing all manner of new background, careers and rules options for warriors and soldiers. 

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