Date Posted: 28-07-2022

Uncharted Journeys – The Journey

Last week we announced the exciting news that Uncharted Journeys will be coming soon to Kickstarter! Uncharted Journeys brings detailed travel rules to the 5th edition of the world’s most popular roleplaying game! Today we’re sharing a little bit more about what to expect from Uncharted Journeys, as well as an overview of just how the journey rules work.

Uncharted Journeys 

“It’s not the destination, it’s the journey”

From the same team that brought you the award-winning Adventures in Middle-earth roleplaying game, Uncharted Journeys gives players and Gamemasters in-depth yet simple rules for creating memorable journeys in 5th edition. Uncharted Journeys makes exploration and travel a key part of the game, rather than a hurdle to be overcome with a single roll. It provides details on travellers to meet on the road, ancient ruins to discover, and perilous trials to overcome. 

Uncharted Journeys contains

  • Easy to understand rules for Journeys that make them a key part of your 5th edition adventures. Plan your Departure and experience unique Journey Encounters along the way, before finally reaching your Destination.
  • Advice on which classes are best suited to which roles.
  • A collection of strange travellers to meet on the road, each with their own background and motivation.
  • Unique sights on the road and (relatively) safe lodgings to take rest.
  • Rules for creating countless ancient ruins that your party can discover — who built them, how old are they, and who lurks there now?
  • Over 100 pages of Journey Encounters across 10 different locations, including huge cities teeming with people, haunted lands controlled by ancient vampires, thick jungle teeming with beasts, unforgiving tundra that can freeze you to the bone, and strange underground caverns inhabited by bizarre creatures.

The Journey

Success on a journey requires cooperation from all members of the party. Each character has a role to play and responsibilities to fulfil. Heroes will take on the roles of the Outrider, who blazes new trails for the group to follow; the Quartermaster, who must find and ration food for the party; the Watch Captain, who must be ever alert for danger; and the Leader who must make key decisions to lead the party to safety.

Journeys are broken into the following steps

  • Departure: Once you know where you’re going, you need to pick your path. It may be direct but dangerous, or circuitous but safe — the choice is yours! The path you choose and the terrain you’re crossing will determine the Danger Rating of the journey, who you meet, and how tiring the journey is. 
  • Encounters: Encounters are exciting, mysterious, or sometimes mundane events that can happen on the journey. There are 12 different types of encounter, including discovering a natural wonder, being confronted by a deadly foe, or fateful meetings with travellers along the way. Uncharted Journeys contains tables for each type of encounter, each of which are separated depending on the terrain or environment you are travelling through — meaning there are hundreds of different things that can happen!
  • Destination: As you reach your destination, you must determine how taxing the journey was. Was it a difficult hike across punishing terrain? Then you might arrive weak and tired. However, if it was comfortable walk along well worn paths you may arrive upbeat and ready to face the next challenge.

This is just a brief look at what to expect from Uncharted Journeys. Over the coming weeks we’ll share more information on what’s in the book, details on the roles you’ll take, and a look at some of the stunning art out team has created.

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