Date Posted: 09-09-2022

Uncharted Journeys – Roles

Before we continue our preview of Uncharted Journeys for 5th edition, we have some very exciting news: Uncharted Journeys will launch on Kickstarter on Tuesday the 13th of September! Be sure to follow the Kickstarter page here so you are notified as soon as the campaign launches. We’ll share more news and a sneak peak this Monday, so be sure to check back.

Now, with that out of the way, on with the preview!


A successful journey requires cooperation and understanding from all members of the party. To help with this, Uncharted Journeys introduces Roles. Roles represent responsibilities a party member undertakes over the course of a journey. Any character can take on any Role, regardless of their class. However, certain classes may be better suited to certain Roles depending on their abilities, and guidance is provided on what class is best suited to what Role. 

Each Role has a Role Ability that you can use once per journey. These unique abilities can be the difference between success and failure, particularly on long and gruelling journeys, so choosing the right time to use them is vital. For example, the Quartermaster can expend provisions to grant an ally a d6 bonus die to Skill Checks, while the Outrider can force the GM to reroll on the Encounter table to try to get a different event.

As well as their Role Ability, each Role lists options for the type of checks the Role makes during the departure step of a journey. These are Ability Checks, Skill Checks, or Tool Checks that contribute to the overall success of the journey. GMs can also allow players to propose a different type of check if it makes sense for their Role and as part of the story.

The four Roles to choose from are Leader, Outrider, Quartermaster, and Sentry. If there are more than four party members, characters can share responsibilities of a Role to grant Advantage to any Checks the Role must make. If there are less than four party members, the Checks for one Role are made with Disadvantage. 


The Leader is a confident and wise party member who is capable of encouraging the team to persevere through challenges they otherwise could not surmount. Their Role Ability allows them to inspire their allies at a crucial time during a journey.


The Outrider scouts ahead of the group. They are responsible for finding safe routes, and tracking threats to the party. Their Role Ability allows them to choose the safest path — the GM rolls two different Encounters and the Outrider chooses which event occurs. 


The Quartermaster is responsible for maintaining and finding food and supplies for the party. They ensure the group is well stocked, and that supplies are readily available after a hard day’s journey. Their Role Ability allows them to expend provisions to grant an ally a bonus die on Skill Checks.


The Sentry is the eyes and ears of the party. They keep watch over the party and their surroundings, and are often the first to spot danger. Their Role Ability allows them to watch the shadows, allowing the party to surprise enemies and avoid being ambushed.

Uncharted Journeys

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Uncharted Journeys provides a wealth of information, rules, and encounters to make travel a key part of your 5e adventures. The book includes

  • Easy to understand rules for journeys and exploration: Set the Route to your destination and determine how long (and how dangerous) the journey will be; Prepare by gathering supplies, securing mounts, and resting before the long road ahead; and finally, Make the Journey and experience strange and unique encounters along the way, and be forever changed by your experiences.
  • Rules for four key Roles required for a successful journey: the Outrider, the Quartermaster, the Sentry, and the Leader. Each Role has a unique ability that can be the difference between success and failure on the treacherous paths you travel.
  • Advice on which Classes are best suited to which Roles, as well as new rules for resting and recovering Class abilities while on a long journey.
  • New ways to create unique and interesting travellers you meet on the road: Where and when do you meet them? Are they friend or foe? Where are they going? Why are they travelling? What do they want? 
  • Rules for creating countless ancient ruins that your party can discover: who built them, how old are they, and who lurks there now? Is it an archive containing forgotten elven lore, or was it created by an ancient civilisation for some sinister purpose?
  • Over 1,000 Journey Encounters across 10 different regions, including huge cities teeming with people, thick jungle overrun by beasts, unforgiving tundra that can freeze you to the bone, and strange underground caverns inhabited by bizarre creatures.