Date Posted: 27-03-2020

The One Ring™ & Adventures in Middle-earth™ Sale!

Fancy something to get stuck into over the weekend? As Cubicle 7 will cease to publish and sell The One Ring™ and Adventures in Middle-earth™ in the coming months we want to offer our loyal customers a chance to finish out their collections at a significantly reduced price.

We had planned to launch these offers later in quarter two – but, due to the current situation globally, we have brought that date forward in the hopes of offering some distraction and entertainment! What better place to imagine yourself during all this chaos than Middle-earth™, the greatest fantasy setting of all time?

And, there is no reason you can’t continue to enjoy these award winning RPGs for years to come, as we certainly plan too! 

Up to 50% off!

Click here to browse 50% off all remaining The One Ring™ titles or click here to browse 30% off all Adventures in Middle-earth™ titles. While some titles for The One Ring™ sold out months ago, we have numerous options left and we have stock of all AiME titles currently. However, if you have your eye on something, we would suggest you act quickly to avoid disappointment! 

All physical orders include a PDF so you can start prepping your adventure straight away!

Order Fulfilment

Our order fulfilment continues as normal, we have limited staff working different shifts in isolation to fill orders and we are taking precautionary measures when handling goods, wearing disposable gloves, wiping surfaces and washing hands regularly. Our delivery partners also have strong COVID-19 measures in place, for example DPD have changed to contactless deliveries. Read our full update on COVID -19 here. 

Can’t decide what to buy? Here’s some highlights!

Adventures in Middle-earth™ Player’s Guide 

Find out more or Buy here for just $27.99.

If you’re new to this RPG, we suggest you begin with the Player’s Guide and the 5th Edition basic rules, which gives you the Middle-earth™ setting-specific rules and guidance to create your characters and adventure in the world of The Hobbit™ and The Lord of the Rings™ using the OGL 5e ruleset.

Adventurers come from all the Free Peoples of Wilderland and beyond, all heeding the call to adventure. Spurred on by diverse callings – whether it be the lure of the road, the hunger for ancient lore, or the simple urge to defend hearth and kin, adventurers from across Wilderland are preparing to explore Middle-earth and to battle the rising threat of The Shadow wherever it may be found.

‘This mighty tome is beautifully presented and provides just about all you need to start adventuring in Tolkien’s Middle Earth’  – Megan, DrivethruRPG reviewer

Adventures in Middle-earth™ Loremaster’s Guide.

Find out more or buy here for just $27.99.

This Loremaster’s Guide presents inspiration, guidance and additional new rules to help you create and run encounters, adventures and campaigns in the world of The Hobbit ™ and The Lord of the Rings ™, using the OGL ruleset.

The quest that began in the Player’s Guide continues in this lavishly illustrated, hardcover Adventures in Middle-earth™ Loremaster’s Guide. Packed with setting information, Loremaster guidance and expanded rules, this volume is an invaluable resource for your games.

Excellent product. Brings the world to life. Especially when dealing with minor and major NPCs‘ – Herb, DrivethruRPG reviewer

Erebor Adventures

Find out more or buy here for just $27.99

The last title to be printed for Adventures in Middle-earth™ by C7, Erebor contains six ready-to-play adventures you can play separately or as connected parts of a conspiracy that will unfold over the course of several years. The adventures take place in the areas described in the Lonely Mountain Region Guide supplement – a useful companion to this volume.

Visit the Kingdom of Bard the Dragonslayer, see the wondrous toy-market of Dale and the reconstructed Lake-town. Gain access to the halls of the King under the Mountain, as you side with Balin son of Fundin in his search to foil a conspiracy threatening to bring war to the North.

Erebor contains the information and adventures previously released as The Laughter of Dragons for The One Ring Roleplaying Game, fully converted to be compatible with Adventures in Middle-earth™ and the OGL rules.

‘The book overall looks absolutely beautiful. It matches the style of The One Ring, which I absolutely love

Marcus, DrivethruRPG reviewer

So, why not take your gaming group to Middle-earth™ with these thematic and atmospheric, OGL-compatible setting guides now?

The One Ring™

The Laughter of Dragons

Find out more or buy now here for $19.99

The laughter of a Dragon is a devastating sound, able to shake the spirit of the toughest warrior or the hardiest of adventurers. With the death of Smaug, Wilderland has been spared this terror, and the plans of the Dark Lord to bring Dragon-fire and savage swords upon the Free Folks of the North have been foiled.

The Laughter of Dragons contains six ready-to-play adventures you can play separately or as connected parts of a conspiracy that will unfold over the course of several years.

The Laughter of Dragons is complemented by the background and rules material contained in Erebor The Lonely Mountain supplement for The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game.


Find out more or buy here for just $19.99.

Rivendell takes The One Ring™ Roleplaying Game west over the Misty Mountains. There lies the Last Homely House of Master Elrond, and, beyond it, the ruins of the ancient kingdoms of Arnor, Angmar and Eregion. The whole of Eastern Eriador is presented in detail, including new sanctuaries, locations for the heroes to explore and terrible perils to brave. Each area lists potential friends and foes, sites of interest and provides a wealth of adventure material.

The supplement also introduces the Rangers of the North and the High Elves of Rivendell as playable characters, as well as a chapter on Magical Treasure and a new bestiary containing rules for powerful adversaries, undead horrors and monsters such as the Ettin and the fearsome Witch-king of Angmar.

Loremaster’s Screen and Lake-town Guide

Find out more or buy here for just $12.49

Lake-town was refounded and was more prosperous than ever, and much wealth went up and down the Running River; and there was friendship in those parts between elves and dwarves and men.

The 32 page Lake-town Guide presents this fascinating setting in detail, including:

  • A guide to Lake-town, its inhabitants and culture
  • More information on the Long Marshes and the creatures dwelling within
  • New Fellowship Phase activities
  • A new playable culture: Men of the Lake

*Offers available while stocks last.

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