Date Posted: 02-06-2021

The Horned Rat – Skaven Art

Last week we released the PDF for WFRP The Horned Rat, Volume 4 of the epic Enemy Within Campaign. You can pre-order the physical copy on our webstore and receive the PDF straight away.

We also launched the advance pre-order for The Horned Rat Companion to give those of you who wish to order the opportunity to bundle postage. The PDF will follow when completed later in 2021. You can also pre-order the exclusive Collector’s edition shown below and receive the campaign book PDF straight away.

And that’s not all, we also launched pre-orders for The Horned Rat Journals and three new dice trays 

Get all the info and pre-order here.

The Horned Rat Art

We hope you are all enjoying the Horned Rat so far, keep an eye out for the Companion PDF in the coming weeks!

This week we wanted to share some interior art from The Horned Rat, specifically some Skaven.

Clan Mange

Clan Mange are a lesser Warlord Clan. They form a mercenary corps within Skavendom, offering their services on a contractual basis. Their warriors often don green clothing, and they have a reputation for honouring contracts — something that cannot be said for most Skaven.

Mangy Skaven by Álvaro Jiménez Hernández

Sewers of Middenheim

The Sewers of Middenheim form the upper levels of a network of tunnels, mines and caves that are collectively termed Middenheim’s Undercity. Whilst the Skaven usually restrict their activities to the very depths of the Undercity, recently they have ventured close to the surface.

Skaven in Sewers by Sam Manley

Public Unrest in Middenheim

The Empire is increasingly divided. To the east border skirmishes are breaking out between Talabecland and Ostland. Iron Countess Ludmilla of Averland faces recrimination from her own people after bad harvests and public unrest. In Middenheim, calls to allow the Barony of Nordland to achieve independence grow in intensity, and folk from outlying villages report raiders dressed in the blue and yellow of Nordland have scoured their homes, leaving devastation behind them.

Horsemen by Sam Manley

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