Date Posted: 10-12-2019

#TEAMTUESDAY – Ceíre O’ Donoghue

This week we want to introduce you to Ceíre O’ Donoghue, who joined the C7 team a few months ago in our offices in Ireland.

“Vivid imagination” is what my first teacher called it on my report card. I was a devourer of books and animation (including such delights as Dungeons and Dragons, Ulysses 31 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), created playground games for my friends, and lived in amazing worlds in my head. Outside of drama and creative writing classes, the real world was largely a bit too boring for my tastes.  As I got a little older, I didn’t see why those things should have to be put aside as adulthood beckoned, and was very happy to discover TTRPGs right at the tail-end of my teens.

I cut my teeth on Rolemaster (go big, or go home!) with a very patient GM who had a very large bag of books.  From there it was on to vampires and werewolves, libraries of books with a distinct lack of vowels in the titles, and chasing things that go bump in the night. I was hooked from day one, and completely fell in love with the hobby. The slow creep then began with painting minis – discarded Eldar at first, donated by my friends who were all-in on Space Marines. I stayed up all night learning to play Magic: The Gathering, spent weekends on LANs playing Doom and Team Fortress, and discovered board games like Carcassonne and Memoir ’44.

My very first convention was in <year redacted>and it was also the first con that I staffed. I hadn’t been gaming very long at that point and the whole thing was a bit of a revelation. Since then I’ve been involved with organising, running, and writing for more conventions than I can count, from small local events, to being on the storyteller team for ICC in Atlanta where we ran a Changeling: The Lost larp for almost 400 players!  Through the gaming community I’ve met some amazing people over the years, and have some truly incredible friends as a result, which I’m also very thankful for.

My professional background is in production management, particularly for animation, with my most recent projects including shows like Danger Mouse and Transformers. Outside of work, I’m a crafter, a baker, an occasional blogger, and a swearer-at-bad-drivers.

I’m very happy to have joined the team here at Cubicle 7 as Operations Manager, which is a new role at the company. As part of our production team, I work with our fantastic Producers to help everything run as smoothly as possible from initial concept through to product release. I also work with our partner companies, including translators, distributors, and printers, as well as constantly being on the lookout for great new talent for our ever-growing list of publications!