Date Posted: 01-10-2019

Team Tuesday: Walt Ciechanowski

#TeamTuesday. This week we want to introduce you to Walt Ciechanowski, Walt is a big Doctor Who and RPG fan who started working with C7 back in our Victoriana days, and if you have ever GM-ed or took part in our demos at US conventions you may of met Walt there!


I’ve been roleplaying since the tender age of almost-10, when I accidentally bought a Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set thinking it was an electronic game (that’s a boardgame with electronic bits for you millennials!). It took a few months to really “get it,” but I was hooked and from that point on most of my trips to the mall were spent in bookstores and hobby stores looking for the next great RPG to play with my friends!

My involvement with Cubicle 7 began just after I’d started writing professionally. I loved the first edition of Victoriana and got a writing gig (okay, begged incessantly until they said yes!) for the second edition. I soon found myself as line editor and helped guide Victoriana through its third edition.

It was a dream come true the day Dom McDowall sent me an email asking if I’d like to be involved with the new Doctor Who RPG. I’d been a fan of the series almost as long as I’d been gaming and spent many nights enduring PBS pledge drives to see full Doctor Who adventures. Since then I’ve had the chance to write and co-write several books in the line and I’m eager to continue doing so!

It was another dream come true to be part of the team working on the core books for Adventures in Middle-Earth. Getting to help interpret the excellent The One Ring into the world’s most popular RPG was a lot of fun! 

When not working for Cubicle 7 I freelance for other RPG companies and enjoy the new perspectives I gain, both as a writer and GM, when working on different lines. Perhaps not surprisingly I game a lot in my free time. My wife is also a gamer (it’s how we met!) and I’m currently raising the next generation of gamers with our three children!