Date Posted: 19-11-2019

Team Tuesday – Chris Walz

#TeamTuesday. This week we want to introduce one of our US team members, Chris Walz. Chris is a long time RPG fan and a staff editor for C7!

My love of roleplaying games began around the age of four or five, when I would go down to my older brother’s room and look at the pictures in his books. They had weird floating eye monsters, knights, sorceresses, and horned devils — I was hooked. I was lucky enough for him to bring me into his games as I grew up and ate up every piece of roleplaying content I could find, from actual gamebooks to video games and novels.

When it came time for university, I really had no idea what I wanted to do that would be ‘useful’, so I picked something I thought would be fun. Perhaps needless to say, but a degree in Classics and a keen interest in Cicero and Marcus Aurelius isn’t the most obviously marketable skillset. What this did give me, however, was a deep love for language and how people express themselves with words, no matter which language they might use.

These have come together in a dream come true for me, as I am a staff editor on the Cubicle 7 team. My goals are to ensure that our words do not get in the way of your fun, and I couldn’t be having more fun doing it. I have the opportunity to work with incredibly talented writers, designers, and artists — being surrounded by such positive creative energy really makes it hard to call this ‘work’. As one on a small team of editors, I work on all of our products equally. My love for roleplaying games extends well beyond any one world or genre, and having the opportunity to work on such a diverse lineup keeps me busy and engaged.

Outside of my work with Cubicle 7, I spend a lot of time with my young son, trying desperately to turn him into a future gamer. I have also practised judo for the better part of a decade and love hiking the hills and forests and my home in central Kentucky (which is quite like the landscape of Cubicle 7’s home in Ireland).