Date Posted: 28-06-2020

Sunday Summary

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound – Updated PDF

We have an updated PDF to share with everyone. This PDF contains the second round of errata, and some changes and clarifications based on feedback and questions from the community. This update also greatly improves the speed that the PDF will read on mobile, which we know has been a bit of a bugbear since launch! With this update, you should see huge improvements as you flick through the PDF.

For those who downloaded the PDF from DriveThruRPG, your library should automatically update to the latest version of the file. The most up to date file ends in _200623. If you bought the PDF directly through our store, you will receive a new download link. Read the full list of edits here.

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Catch up with C7’s CEO Dom McDowall

I hope you are safe and well! Here in Ireland COVID restrictions have begun to ease, enabling myself and some of the team to work from the office again. There’s a huge amount going on at the moment, but we’ve also been able to keep playing. At the moment, we’re in the last stages of our final playtest of Power Behind the Throne, Volume 3 of the Enemy Within Campaign, and we’re having great fun. It’s a WFRP classic for a reason!   

Not only has my Bounty Hunter made the leap to becoming a much more respectable Duellist, but I am now the personal champion of the Graf of Middenheim himself. Established at court and with a real future ahead of him, my character Felix (not that Felix) has plans. A few investments in city businesses will give me the money for a farm in the countryside. Once I’ve defended the Graf for a few years, I’ll use my influence to gain a more rewarding (and less risky) position — maybe Chancellor? Settle down, raise a family. No more fighting with cultists. No more barges that, while very leaky, also seem to be highly flammable. Very glad to have all that unpleasantness behind me for good! Will let you know how it all goes. Continue reading here.

WFRP: Monuments of the Reikland PDF

Five Grim and Perilous Monuments of The Old World

This is a PDF only product

Monuments of the Reikland offers five unique memorials, statues, and towers, perfect for dropping into an ongoing Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, or used to kick start a new adventure. Each one is packed with colour and detail, beautifully illustrated, and laced with intrigue. 

You can buy Monuments of the Reikland directly from our webstore here or from DriveThruRPG here.

Wherever you travel in the Empire, monuments peer down on you. They stand to commemorate figures from history, great events, or just the aesthetic tastes of a wealthy noble. Many a bustling market square, street corner, bridge, or gatehouse features a statue or some work of public art. Even in the remotest places, folk of lesser means erect crude standing stones or carved wooden memorials. While most of these are just what they seem, a handful hold secrets at which the casual observer may only guess.

Free Conversion Tables for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

The Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Conversion Tables provide a guide for converting first and second edition Characters and NPCs to the current fourth edition rules. We’ve included a comprehensive list of Skills and Talents, with some additional guidance on updating trickier Character Traits.

This document is a useful addition for any Grognard who wants to dust off a beloved Character and take them through a new adventure in the Old World, or for newer players who wish to delve into some of the earlier edition PDFs Cubicle 7 has made available. 

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