Date Posted: 26-04-2020

Sunday Summary!

Missed some of our recent updates? Why not catch up now, we’ve added all recent highlights below.

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Age of Sigmar: Soulbound Update & Archetype reveal!

As well as a production update last Monday, we shared a brand new Archetype — the fearless Black Ark Corsair.  


With salt water in your veins, you cross the hostile seas of the Mortal Realms in search of fortune.

The seas of the Mortal Realms are more than merely treacherous — they are sinks of primordial magic. Left over from the creation of the aethyric cloud, these tempestuous seas are home to the monstrous and the daemonic, and possessed of a wilful malevolence of their own. Only the hardiest and most desperate buccaneer would contemplate a life on the waves, but those that do would choose no other. By harsh necessity a corsair can fill about any role aboard a ship — just don’t refer to them as a pirate, if you value your life. Most can stitch a wound or fix a mast if needed. All are skilled with sword and crossbow, and most can handle the war machines used for the corsairs’ legendary beast hunts. Amongst their own, corsairs abide by a crude code of honour where ships are run on egalitarian lines. A corsair might justly claim themselves the freest of free peoples, but that does not mean that cold-blooded murder or trading in slaves is beneath them. The majority of corsair ships are aligned with the dreaded Scourge Privateers, but many captains chafe under even distant authority. Those foolish enough to operate independently may soon come afoul of the Black Ark Corsairs — sea-faring Aelves known to be the deadliest and most successful of all the corsairs. Continue reading here.

WFRP: Graeme Davis – Adventure Hooks P2

Courthouse Adventure Hooks

Continuing the new series from Graeme – here are some ideas for adventure plots set in the courthouse of a medium-sized town –  like the one in Kemperbad in Rough Nights and Hard Days.


The adventurers find themselves in the same position as Baron von Dammenblatz in “A Day at the Trials.” They are involved in some legal case, and their opponent has claimed and been granted trial by combat – which, given the strength and expertise of his champion, means that the case is practically unwinnable.

Honest and devout characters might make offerings at the temple of Verena and pray for justice to be done. Others, more worldly and enterprising, might try to influence the outcome without being caught.

The principle of trial by combat is ancient. Down countless centuries, laws have been created and refined to ensure that it is impossible to interfere with the outcome. The previous section gives a summary of the most common precautions, but there may be more – and having given an oath before Verena that they will not try to cheat, participants also risk the wrath of the goddess. Continue reading here.

WFRP: Castle Drachenfels 1st ED PDF Scan

This product is a scan of Castle Drachenfels from first edition WFRP.

We have had numerous requests for this title and so have scanned and book-marked it for those who would like to use  Castle Drachenfels in their campaigns! Buy now here.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay First Edition – Castle Drachenfels

Deep within the Grey Mountains, almost hidden amongst the jagged peaks, lurks the dark imposing castle of the Great Enchanter Drachenfels. Even though its master is now dead, his terrible presence scoured from the conscious mind and only mentioned in fireside tales, the mute stone walls of the castle still seem to stir with dark and malicious purpose.

Many brave Adventurers have entered the castle’s forbidding walls in search of treasure and glory, or to satisfy their morbid curiosities. Few have ever returned. Those that have tell of strange forces and long dead creatures prowling the slimy corridors, guarding the bowels of their master’s domain from unwelcome intrusion. Now you stand awestruck at the gaping maw that is the castle’s entrance. Now you must enter, and test your mettle against the dangers within ….

Warhammer 40k Update!

We’d like to thank everyone who supported the launch of the Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory Rulebook PDF last week! We hope you’re all having properly sanctioned fun in the Emperor’s name!

We’d also like to thank the many Administratum Adepts who have kindly submitted errata via our form — we really value all the input from the community. We’re committed to making the Rulebookthe best it can be based on the community’s valuable feedback, and have already begun the task of implementing changes.  

What’s Next?

Our scribes are hard at work on new adventures, setting expansions, and Archetypes, but today we’d like to talk about vehicle rules. We’re preparing a comprehensive set of mechanics to ensure any vehicular mayhem in your games is fun, fast, and fair. We wanted to make sure we do the rules justice in a full expansion beyond the Rulebook — keep your augmetic eyes open for updates on when you can jump into your own Chimera in the near future. 

The first of many new Wrath & Glory adventures is on its way soon — a clandestine mission on the cemetery moon of Deadalon in the Gilead System. Stay tuned for more on that!

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