Date Posted: 28-06-2022

Soulbound: So You Want to Play a Dragon?

Greetings monsters and mortals! Welcome to another #MortalRealmsMonday (or Tuesday!). Today we’re talking about the Draconith-sized cover reveal for Era of the Beast for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound and what it means for those who want to embrace their bestial side. 

For those of you who haven’t been following the ongoing narrative of Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, times are changing in the Mortal Realms. Kragnos, the god of Destruction, has broken free from his cage and is rampaging across the lands, stirring the Kruleboyz from their hidden swamps to terrorise mortals far and wide, and the primal fury of the realms themselves are waking, with devastating results.

Yet all is not grim in the Era of the Beast. Emerging from their hidden nests and the space-faring temple ships of the Seraphon, come the Draconith! This noble species of dragons once had a realm-spanning civilisation — enlightened and prosperous. But after a long and bitter war with Kragnos and his followers aeons ago, the Draconith race was pushed to the brink of extinction. What few remained fled into the wilds or surrendered precious clutches of eggs to the enigmatic Seraphon for protection among the stars.

Now, thousands of years later, with Kragnos’ return, the Draconith have emerged from hiding to combat their ancient foe and reclaim their lost homes. 

With the upcoming release of Era of the Beast, you have the opportunity to play as these out-sized draconic creatures for the first time ever! But we have had many questions from the community about what it’s like to actually play as a Draconith. So I’m here to share some information with you today.

Why Join a Binding?

Draconiths have emerged into a world far different from the one their ancestors left behind. Their civilisation is in ruins, their culture tattered and scattered across the realms. They find themselves filled with wanderlust, seeking remnants of their shared heritage and those they can learn from, in the hope of building a brighter future for their species.

They also love heroics! If they encounter suitably heroic individuals, they will often shadow them, watching their mighty deeds from afar for weeks or even months. They are particularly impressed by martial and magical might, and bombastic displays of power against the enemies of Order. 

This often leads them to approaching individual Stormcast Eternals and making pacts to accompany them on their journeys, forming a new Knight Draconis in the process. 

But the Stormcast don’t hold a monopoly on heroism, you’d be hard pressed to find more heroic individuals in the Mortal Realms than those of the Soulbound order.

Just like the Knights Draconis, reports have begun to circulate of Draconith approaching Soulbound parties after witnessing their great deeds in protecting the realms. While they cannot become Soulbound themselves, by accompanying a Binding, a Draconith can learn from a vibrant collection of heroes. In addition, the Soulbound travel far and wide, which facilitates the Draconith wanderlust and personal search for the ruins and artefacts of their fallen civilisation. 

Meanwhile, the Binding gains a large and very powerful ally! Provided they remain the heroes that the Draconith believes them to be.

While Draconith can join a Binding for a long period of time, their nature also makes them perfect characters for guest players or those who can’t play as regularly as the rest of a group, as they swoop down from the sky at the perfect moment, or vanish across the horizon to sate their wanderlust.

It’s Not Easy Being a Dragon… And 15ft Tall.

Being a Draconith comes with all manner of benefits: Ferocious teeth and claws, elemental breath, impressive wingspan, and scales that can turn aside mundane blades and even spells with ease! But there’s no denying that the world of mortals wasn’t quite built with Draconiths in mind.

First off, people in the Cities of Sigmar tend to associate giant flying creatures of tooth and claw as monstrous beasts straight from the heartlands of Ghur, one swipe away from gobbling them up. Unfortunately, Draconiths are still so rare and new to the Mortal Realms that people haven’t gotten over this gut reaction, so you may encounter your fair share of surprised (and terrified) reactions down your local marketplace. To this end, some Draconiths have taken to wearing ceremonial armour and attire, or branding themselves with marks of Sigmar in an attempt to ease the fears of the populace, after all, if a beast wears a shining breastplate emblazoned with the symbol of your home city, you may be at least a tiny bit less likely to run screaming to the guards when you see it. 

In addition, while the architecture of the Cities of Sigmar is often grandiose in scale, to accompany Stormcast Eternals and the likes, there are many places where a Draconith simply can’t fit through the front door. While some seek arcane methods of circumventing this limitation, not all Draconiths can wield the arcane arts. Sometimes you simply need to come to terms with the idea that you can’t follow you tiny companions into every hole they crawl, and must busy yourself with other tasks more befitting a creature of your size. 

But at least it’s all worth it for the learning opportunities! As a Draconith, you will in all likelihood have had one of two upbringings: a life of hiding and hunting in the wilds, far from the eyes of civilisation, or a sheltered upbringing amid the inscrutable Seraphon on one of their temple ships. As such, Draconiths have almost zero knowledge of mortal culture and trappings when they first take flight. This means that your starting skills are pretty much restricted to being a big, strong, manifestation of draconic might, with possibly a dash of spellcasting on the side if you were lucky enough to learn a thing or two from a friendly Skink Starpriest. This makes everything you encounter, from Kharadron Endrinworks to basic utensils, exciting and new!

So what do you think? Does the idea of donning a draconic mantle and taking to the skies appeal? If so, be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more information on Era of the Beast.

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