Date Posted: 30-08-2021

Soulbound: Champions of Death – Nighthaunts

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Recently we revealed the macabre cover for  Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Champions of Death shown above, illustrated by the amazing Johan Grenier. Along with the cover, we showed off the four new Archetypes for the ghouls of the Flesh-eater Courts and three Archetypes for the ethereal Nighthaunts.

This week, we’d like to share more information about the Nighthaunt Archetypes, and reveal three more Nighthaunt Archetypes that you’ll find in Champions of Death!

All Nighthaunt artwork illustrated by Clara-Marie Morin.

Cairn Wraith

Here lies the most wicked of murderers, happy to add more victims to their tally.

Cairn Wraiths are accursed spectres created from the souls of the vilest mortals to walk the realms. Undeath has done little to quell their thirst for blood, and Cairn Wraiths are best utilised when extreme violence is the only answer.

Cairn Wraith’s thrive on fear and their core Talent, Reaped Like Corn, allows them to deal additional Damage to any Frightened creature they attack.

Cairn Wraith

Guardian of Souls

Here lies a failed necromancer, cursed to spread death rather than study it.

Guardians of Souls once strove to master the art of necromancy, but now serve as both the conduit and practitioner of the underworld’s arcane power. For the crime of wielding his magic, Nagash makes Guardians of Souls into nexuses of deathly energy, doomed to serve as arcane tools as much as they wield them. 

Guardians of Souls are practitioners of the Lore of the Underworlds, a unique ghostly magic used by malignant spirits. This strange arcane art allows them link the life forces of living beings, chaining their fates together, or conjure spectral scythes to reap the souls from their enemies.

Guardian of Souls

Knight of Shrouds

Here lies a traitor whose command of the dead came at the price of all who trusted them in life.

The Knight of Shrouds are the souls of generals who betrayed their people. Whether through a desperate hope for mercy or a dream of personal gain, it matters little. In undeath Nagash shackles their souls to lead his armies. However, no matter how many living rivals they force into the same choice, they can never silence the doubt gnawing at their hearts.

Knights of Shrouds are born into battle atop ethereal steeds. Mundane blades pass through these spectral horses, while dark necromantic magic allows them to fly through the air, ceaselessly pursuing their prey.


Here lies an executioner who followed orders and killed the innocent, doomed to do the same in death.

In life, Lord-Executioners killed simply because someone ordered them to do so.  Some enjoyed their work while others later repented, but all took lives more innocent than theirs. Thus, in death they must wander the realms, slaying any guilty of defying Nagash — which is to say, everyone. 

Lord-Executioners are Armoured in Hate, surrounded by the tortured souls of those they have slain, creating a maelstrom of spirits that protect them from harm. These souls are cursed to follow the Lord-Executioner, shrieking in despair and anger as the Executioner’s enemies strike them instead of it.

Myrmourn Banshee

Here lies a wailing wizard, their desire to understand magic transformed into a hunger to consume it. 

Myrmourn Banshees are spellcasters who obsessively sought arcane power in life. Since they desired magic so much  but failed to pay him his due, Nagash transforms them into Myrmourn Banshees, shroud-wrapped spectres who hunger constantly for arcane energy. As soon as they detect a hint of magical channelling, they descend like carrion crows, glowing as they gorge themselves on the unravelling spell. 

Myrmourn Banshees are Spell-eaters, and hunger to devour magic. However, the agony this taste of arcane power brings them causes them to wail a Mournful Cry, terrifying any who hear it. 

Spirit Torment

Here lies a gaoler who guards their own prison.

Spirit Torments capture wayward souls, both living and dead. When rebel Nighthaunts attempt to escape or when Stormcast Eternals dare show their faces in Shyish, Spirit Torments are the first to fly in pursuit. The enchanted padlocks at the end of their heavy chains can capture any soul once separated from its body, and Spirit Torments often peer through the keyhole to mock the prisoner within, before sucking out their hope and energy with a soul-chilling howl.

A Spirit Torment is a Gaoler of Souls. When a creature dies in their presence, the Spirit Torment can snatch up their souls and lock it away in the accursed chains they bear. From these chains the Spirit Torment can draw on the power of the trapped soul, using it to aid themselves or their allies. 

Spirit Torment

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