Date Posted: 27-09-2021

Soulbound, Champions of Death: Flesh-eater Courts

Hey folks, and welcome back to another #MortalRealmsMonday. Last week we released the PDF and launched the pre-order for Champions of Death!

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Previously we gave an insight into some of the daunting Ossiarch Bonereaper Archetypes you’ll be playing in Warhammer Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Champions of Death. This week, venture into the charnel covered halls of the Flesh-eater Courts!

All Flesh-eater Courts artwork illustrated by Siman Vlaisavljević.

Abhorrent Ghoul

You are a member of one of the royal families of the Grand Courts, a brutal embodiment of the court’s insanity.

Abhorrent Ghouls are kings and queens. When they leave their courts and courtiers and intervene personally in the outside world, it is because a situation most dire demands it: when they are the only Flesh-eaters who can stop a certain threat, a monarch should not command others to go into peril on their behalf. Abhorrent Ghouls are spellcasters, channelling powerful energies to reduce their allies into a devoted, starving frenzy, harden their hearts and hides, and make them fight on with tireless determination. So powerful are their delusions that they can draw others into them, weaving the false narrative that all their servants believe. 

The Abhorrent Ghouls are deranged masters of the Lore of Madness, a powerful Lore of magic that allows them to drive both allies and foes alike into an uncontrollable blood frenzy, and the powerful Royal Blood that courses through their undead veins allows them to heal from grievous injury.

Crypt Ghast Courtier

These bestial but commanding courtiers have a talent for dragging others along in their lunatic wake. 

The Crypt Ghast Courtier sees themselves as an inspiration — a natural leader, an officer tested in battle and raised to high rank and most definitely a step above the common soldier. They are deserving of honour and respect, and they expect to receive it. Crypt Ghasts are commanders with a keen eye for strategy who position and utilise others to best advantage. They achieve victory by celebrating and directing their allies’ strengths, and they are effective fighters themselves. Despite wielding a bone club in place of a shining longsword and decking themselves in grisly trophies of meat and bone, they bestride the battlefield with the confidence of the greatest heroes.

Crypt Ghast Courtiers are Trophy Hunters who use their teeth and claws to rip grisly mementos from their fallen foes to inspire their allies.

Crypt Haunter Courtier

Once-glorious knights and heroes, now fallen to feverish depravity and unwavering zeal.

Crypt Haunter Courtiers are among the most stalwart and feared of the Flesh-eater Courts. They have drunk deeply of the blood of the Abhorrents, and the dark magic that runs through their king’s and queen’s veins has transformed the Crypt Haunter Courtier into a terrifying sight. They are monstrously large and terrifyingly powerful. They lead the Flesh-eater Courts’ armies from the front, and are seen as fearless commanders clad in gleaming armour. Crypt Haunter Courtiers are trusted members of the court, and are respected and feared by all who serve the Abhorrents.

Crypt Haunter Courtiers are the Warrior Elite of the Flesh-eater Courts. They have spent their whole life (and undeath) on the battlefield, and can use their skill to make sure every strike deals the utmost damage.

Crypt Infernal Courtier

These winged scouts and predators have been rewarded for their service with flight and noxious breath.

Crypt Infernal Courtiers are those who have performed great deeds for the royalty of the Flesh-eater Courts. In return, they are transformed: they grow in mass, sprout leathery wings, and develop sharp hunter’s senses. They serve as advance scouts or focused hunters, spotting foes from a distance and wheeling down to snatch them up and drop them to their deaths. Crypt Infernal Courtiers are viewed among the courts as Pegasus-riding cavalry, or even saintly beings with divine power. Whatever the specifics of their delusions, the leaders of their court have bestowed a great gift upon them and it is only right that they use it to advance the great and noble cause of their superiors.Crypt Infernal Courtiers take to the sky on their Fell Wings. Having consumed the flesh of an undead power, they have gained some of its power and can unleash a blast of Foetid Breath upon their unsuspecting foes.

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