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Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Doomseeker

#MortalRealmsMonday  Today we’re revealing a new Archetype for Age of Sigmar Soulbound – the mighty Doomseeker! Redemption or Death Oathsworn to leave your home and never return, you travel the Mortal Realms in search of redemption or death. The unbreakable oaths of the Fyreslayers are legendary and the Doomseeker epitomises their stubborn sense of honour. No one … Continue reading “Age of Sigmar Soulbound: Doomseeker”

New FREE WFRP Adventure!

Today we have another free adventure for WFRP: Night of Blood! This time it’s a classic; Night of Blood is one of the most played WFRP scenarios of all time. It was originally written over thirty years ago by Jim Bambra for WFRP 1stedition, and was published in White Dwarf 87 in March 1987. Later, it was republished in the WFRP 1st edition supplement, The Restless … Continue reading “New FREE WFRP Adventure!”

New Free WFRP Download: Adventures Afoot in the Reikland!

This week we present ‘WFRP Adventures Afoot in the Reikland’,  a supplement to Chapter 10: Glorious Reikland from the WFRP rulebook. Adventures Afoot in the Reikland! is written by Ben Scerri and offers over fifty adventure seeds for the Reikland locations presented in WFRP. To ensure they are easy to use, all locations are marked in bold … Continue reading “New Free WFRP Download: Adventures Afoot in the Reikland!”

New WFRP 1st Edition Bundle of Holding Offer

Check out our new Bundle of Holding offer, not only are you getting an amazing product at a super price, you’re also supporting a great charity – Doctors Without Borders. But you need to be quick, this is a limited time offer! For $11.95 you get the Starter Collection packed with everything you’ll need to … Continue reading “New WFRP 1st Edition Bundle of Holding Offer”