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Meet the Team – JG O’Donoghue

For this weeks #TeamTuesday we hear from another of C7’s incredibly talented artists – JG O’Donoghue. We recently revealed some of JG’s amazing art for our upcoming release WFRP Rough Nights & Hard Days and we look forward to sharing more very soon! My interest in fantasy art started as a pre teen when I saw the cover … Continue reading “Meet the Team – JG O’Donoghue”

WFRP: Small but not Overlooked

We hope that by now you are getting into our weekly WFRP blog posts by C7 writer Ben Scerri. If you’ve missed any, you can catch up on our blog anytime. As always we would love to hear your feedback on our Facebook and Twitter  pages. For now,  let’s get stuck into blog number 6! Hello, everyone! My name is Ben, and … Continue reading “WFRP: Small but not Overlooked”

WFRP a Creature for every occasion

It’s #WarhammerWednesday time here at Cubicle 7 and that means another super WFRP post from C7 writer Ben Scerri! This week its all about Creatures! Let us know on Facebook and Twitter how you create Creatures for your games — and definitely regale us with stories of your own twisted creations! If you missed Ben’s previous posts, settle in and catch up on post one, two, three and four now. … Continue reading “WFRP a Creature for every occasion”

WFRP: It’s not easy being Elven

We hope you have enjoyed the last few in-depth WFRP blog posts from C7 writer, Ben Scerri. If you missed any, you can catch up on post one here, post two here and last weeks post right here. Today, Ben is discussing all thing Elven! As always, we love to get your feedback on Facebook and Twitter! Continue reading for more! Hello again, folks … Continue reading “WFRP: It’s not easy being Elven”

WFRP: Setting Expectations

As its Warhammer Wednesday we want to share the third in our series of WFRPBlog Posts from C7 writer Ben Scerri. If you need to catch up on his previous in-depth posts you can find the first one here and the second here. You can also join the C7 chat on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to give us your feedback. You can find the WFRP4 Core … Continue reading “WFRP: Setting Expectations”