Date Posted: 12-12-2018

New WFRP 1st Edition Bundle of Holding Offer

Check out our new Bundle of Holding offer, not only are you getting an amazing product at a super price, you’re also supporting a great charity – Doctors Without Borders. But you need to be quick, this is a limited time offer!

For $11.95 you get the Starter Collection packed with everything you’ll need to begin your grim and perilous adventures; the WFRP First Edition core rulebook (1986) and two city sourcebooks, Middenheim and Marienburg. This is the perfect opportunity to dive into the Old World for a fraction of the street value of these acclaimed RPG classics. Head over to to purchase now!

You also have the opportunity to Level Up to unlock the Campaign Collection and receive ALL FIVE adventures in the legendary Enemy Within series. If you break the threshold price of US$24.51 (only US$12.56 more!) Shadows Over Bogenhafen, Death On The Reik, Power Behind The Throne, Something Rotten In Kislev and Empire In Flames will all be included in your order, an incredible hoard that normally costs US$80.