Date Posted: 09-12-2020

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf Updated PDF


Today, we updated the PDF files for Middenheim: City of the White Wolf to include the small edits and amendments listed below. If you have already bought this title in PDF from DrivethruRPG or pre-ordered from us, you will be alerted to download the new file.

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Middenheim: City of the White Wolf update notes

  • Various typographical changes throughout
  • The population of Middenheim has suffered a precipitous decline – Verenan agents are investigating
  • The Grand Duchy of Middenheim has recently been surveyed, and a new map produced. This should make it easier for players to understand the surroundings of the city – it can be found in the Duchy of Middenheim Chapter.
  • The previous version of the Boots of Gucci were stolen after a patron asked to try them on, then charmed her way past the city guards. An updated version of the boots grants access to various takes on the Etiquette Talent rather than a flat skill bonus.
  • The Nikse family have had words with the scribe responsible for rendering their name as Niske — offending parties have been appropriately disciplined.
  • Ulric, God of Winter and Wolves, has placed several axes high in trees around the city of Middenheim and demanded all devout Wolfkin retrieve them. As a result, the Wolfkin Career now has access to the Melee (Basic) and Climb skills.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf 

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf takes players out of the familiar Grand Province of the Reikland, and drops them in the centre of Ulrican influence and power in the Old World. Middenheim sits at the heart of the Empire’s Northern expanse, and is the perfect setting for endless grim and perilous adventure! Each district of the expansive city is carefully detailed, with locations, plot hooks and NPCs too numerous to list. A beautifully illustrated map, provided with both GM and Player versions, shows off the city in exquisite detail. Need an Inn in the Altmarket? A Pawnbroker in The Kleinmoot? Details on the Kisvilite Embassy? Middenheim has everything you require.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf distils the best of previous writing on the chosen city of Ulric, and combines it with new creatures, new NPCs, new locations, and rules to create the ultimate sourcebook for groups wishing to adventure in Middenheim and its surrounds. Full rules for creating Middenheimer, Middenlander and Nordlander Characters are included, along with a new career for true devotees of Ulric. 

A stand-alone book, Middenheim: City of the White Wolf also makes an excellent supplement for those intending to run Power Behind the Throne, part three of The Enemy Within campaign. While the companion content is very focused on the events of Power Behind the Throne, this book provides more details on the city for GMs who are happy to let their groups explore more widely. It details Middenheim around 2512 IC, prior to the events of The Enemy Within, but includes an appendix with updates on how future events are set to alter the city.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf includes:

  • A History of Middenheim: A timeline of events leading up to the present day, detailing the cities past as a stronghold of the Ulrican faith and one time home to the usurper Wolf Emperors
  • A Visitors Guide: Eighty pages of detailed locations, NPCs and plot hooks set throughout the city’s many districts
  • Dark Cults of Middenheim: A run down on the cults and conspiracies that make Middenheim their home, any one of which could threaten the very fabric of political, cultural, or religious life in the city
  • The Duchy of Middenheim: Middenheim is more than just a city — it also commands the territories that surround it, as far away as coastal Nordland. The Duchy of Middenheim provides details on regions directly within ambit of the city, as well as the often fractious nobility that control them
  • Bestiary, Characters and more: Additional beasts, new Character options for creating local adventurers, and the Wolf Kin career for those willing to embody the spirit of Ulric in all things.

Middenheim: City of the White Wolf is an excellent and entertaining addition to any gaming table. Packed with lore, NPCs, and exciting adventure hooks, it will kickstart your next adventure in Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay!

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