Date Posted: 25-03-2020

Meet the Team: TS Luikart

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Today we have a post from C7 writer and game designer TS Luikart who has been working with C7 for five years. TS has been involved with many C7 lines over the years and lots of you may have met him at our convention booths or joined his table as he ran C7 RPGs at numerous conventions!

A Tale of Two Editions

The first book I purchased for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay was not, in fact, the WFRP First Edition Core, it was my beloved copy of Realm of Chaos – Slaves to Darkness. I bought it for a lot of reasons, many of which sound like ‘Ian Miller’. It sits in a shrine in my office now, because if I go to peruse it, more pages fall out. Fortunately, the Black Library gamely reprinted copies last year, so I’m back to poring through it regularly.

TS at GAMA Expo earlier in March

There’s a section on Chaos Weapons (with fantastic illustrations!) that is eventually going to come in handy, you see…

Where was I? Oh yeah, editions. I followed WFRP throughout the Hogshead era, but didn’t get pulled into actually writing for it until many years later when my friend, Chris Pramas, was preparing for the 2ndedition. Pramas needed a bunch of different pieces, that is frequently the nature of RPG writing, and various bits I wrote are throughout the 2ndedition core. Most quoted by far is my intro to running WFRP:

There are worlds where courageous heroes who stand for all that is good and righteous watch over populaces of decent folk who seek to enrich their own lives and better those of the people around them.

This isn’t one of those worlds.

The Old World is one of blood, pain, sacrifice, treachery, deceit and malice. Many of the Empire’s ‘heroes’ are dangerous rogues and blood-spattered butchers. The people of the Old World are suspicious and insular, swift to believe the worst of others and slow to trust, often with good reason. Corruption is the rule, honesty the exception. Those few bright souls who still manage to accomplish truly heroic tasks frequently have to act under cover of darkness, lest they be accused of being in league with the very forces they try to combat.  

Sound like fun? Good. That’s why you’re the GM.

I once met a man at GenCon with a magnificent WFRP tattoo sleeve with “This isn’t one of those worlds” in the scrollwork. (Hi Glen!)

I worked on multiple titles for WFRP 2ndedition, including writing the campaign for Terror in Talabheim and big portions of the Realms of Sorcery, including its adventure, A Brutal Finish. But by far the most difficult project I did for WFRP 2ndedition, also the most rewarding, was the Old-World Bestiary. Pramas gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted with it. I’d always found monsters manuals to be fairly dry and not all that compelling. The Old-World Bestiary is what I came up with as my ‘solution’. I pulled in Ian Sturrock to help, and with some steerage by Pramas, the final result is one of the books in my game writing career I’m proudest of.

I stopped working on WFRP at that point, because I was pulled into working on a brand-new game called Dark Heresy…

The years roll on, as they do, and I was full up with other projects by the time 3rd edition came along. Imagine my surprise to find myself already working full time as a staff designer at the company that took on the 4th edition. Once again, I was tasked with coming up with interesting work for a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay core book. Fortunately, I’d thought about it quite a bit over the years, and found I had more to say. That optional ‘Between Adventures’ chapter was me. Not finished with those Events yet either… I also wrote the Reikland Chapter, helped with the Careers, wrote a bunch of Talents, and so on. Core books tend to be a group effort. At Cubicle 7, we have a lot of truly creative folks and passionate freelancers – everybody pitches in. After the core, I dove into writing the Starter Set’s introductory adventure, which was a lot of fun, along with some extra material for Ubersreik.

TS at GAMA Expo earlier in March showing our print proof of the GM Screen & Guide.

At the moment, I’m working on putting the finishing touches on Soulbound, our Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game. Doubtless, I’ll be back on WFRP soon enough, but in the meantime, keep reading the Developer Diaries for more updates!


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