Date Posted: 07-02-2022

WFRP Imperial Zoo Collector’s Edition Cover Reveal!

The Imperial Zoo for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is almost complete!

You will be able to pre-order the print copy of the standard edition or the stunning Collector’s Edition this week and receive the PDF straight away.

Last week, we shared a sneak peek of some interior art for the Rhinox as well as some page spreads. Today, we want to share the awesome cover art for the standard edition and for the very special Collector’s edition.

The Imperial Zoo is a bestiary and travelogue of three daring expeditions into the Old World, ranging from the heights of Karak Kadrin to the city of Miragliano in the southern land of Tilea.

Standard Edition Cover

Collector’s Edition Cover

The Collector’s Edition is designed to be as in-universe as possible, with a faux leather cover, embossed details, Spot UV to highlight even more detail and texture, and a gold foil stamp. The spine of the book is rounded with raised hubs, and the paper edges are deckled, giving them a distressed look reminiscent of the sort of dusty tomes one might hide in the attic…..

Interior Art & Page Spreads

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