Date Posted: 01-04-2022

Future Visions: New and Improved Precognitions


New and Improved Precognitions Courtesy of a Most Wondrous Device

‘The Astromancers of the Celestial College are at pains to point out that auguries are not a precise science and that predestination, as a concept in and of itself, is subject to such a bewildering array of confounding variables that any common seer or self-appointed prophet who claims to possess valuable insights into future events is either a deluded fool or cynical charlatan. Indeed, the only method for accurately diving events yet to pass is to consult with their bespoke prognosticating device, the Thaumodivinator, which can be operated by anyone with a few schillings to spare.’

‘So let’s give it a whirl.’

Future Visions – Scene by Álvaro Jiménez

‘Err … right … well as accurate as this thing is there is an art to interpretation, so these brass rings turn and display an array of symbols … so what have we got? The goddess Verena, the axe, the sun. The fortress reversed? The sign of Mummit? Uh … bear with me.’

Up In Arms is out now - pre-order here!

A 144 page book dedicated to providing background and options for Characters in the Warrior Class. The book contains detailed articles on soldiers, mercenaries and knights, several new careers, a thorough examination of the Cult of Myrmidia, and an introduction to the people of Tilea.

The second half of the book provides options for making more of pursuits, hirelings, critical injuries, weapons large and small, mounted combat and more.

Myrmidian Temple – Scene by JG O’Donoghue

‘Oh! It’s moving again! The weathercock? The hourglass! The Gloaming? The gilded skull atop the shattered waystone? Raphael! I think we need to turn it off and on again!’

Winds of Magic is coming soon! A sourcebook for Wizards and related matters. Players will appreciate the expanded spell lists, career options according to College, expanded options for alchemy and prophecy, and — for those who find playing a Halfling does not involve enough challenge — a new player species, of sorts.

GMs are provided with a history of magic in the Empire, background on each of the major magical traditions, and an array of potential patrons and nemeses.

Warrior Familiar  – By Dániel Kovács

Here we go then … the greatship, the symbol of Chamon, the clasped hands. Oh now what’s happening? The confounded thing doesn’t seem to know whether to turn to Sigmar or Morr. Here, can you smell something burning?’

Salzenmund provides a guide to the city and notes on the wider province of the Nordland. Having recently wrested power from Middenheim and the quisling Nikses Theodric Gausser seeks to consolidate his gains whilst keeping both eyes open for the main chance. The book details a major city that has only been outlined before and provides a perfect location to plan a trip to even more exotic locales.

Theodric Gausser – Portrait by Sam Manley

‘Now we’re talking! The serpent, the promethean, the maelstrom, the toothless skull, the keelhauled mutineer’s bloated corpse. So, definitely something to do with the ocean then! Couldn’t be clearer.’

Sea of Claws provides support for taking games of WFRP to the High Seas. Players will no doubt appreciate the addition of the Seafarer Class of new careers, details on abiding by the strictures of Manann, how to sing a jaunty sea chanty and the price of ship’s biscuit (it’s best to eat the weevils, might be the only protein available for the next three months).

GMs can make use of an adaptation of the between adventures system to represent the ups and downs of lengthy voyages, a bestiary of marine creatures large and small, and rules to support the managing of really big boats.

Sea of Claws – Scene by JG O’Donoghue

‘The serpent. The globe. The forest. The serpent again … just seems to be stuck on the serpent again. Honestly! Must be jammed. No don’t kick it! What do you think you’re doing! Careful. Expensive piece of kit, this.’

And lots more to come…

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