Date Posted: 04-03-2020

Enemy in Shadows Collector’s Edition Update


Enemy Within & Enemy in Shadows Collector’s Edition Update

As an added bonus for everyone who ordered the Collector’s Edition, we’re including a little something extra. Along with Enemy in Shadows and its Companion volume, certain agents of the Purple Hand have tucked into the slipcase a folder with all of the handouts, maps, missives, and notes you’ll need to pass to your players during the course of the campaign. 

No need to risk your beautifully bound volume’s spine by flattening it on the photocopier, or otherwise sacrifice anything to the ruinous powers! 

This will be included with all future volumes of The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition as well, so – if you opt to buy a future volume you will still receive this extra.

While we are currently printing Vol 1 – it takes extra time to complete the Collector’s editions as there are additional elements in the print process that help make these editions extra special. We will share more on delivery dates as soon as we can.

Dev Diary Update

We are completing the current Dev Diary (No 7) and aim to send it soon, we are also putting together some exciting content for upcoming editions.

Pre-order Enemy in Shadows Vol 1 here.

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