Date Posted: 07-07-2022

Doctors and Daleks – The Rules


We hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming release of the time-bending Doctors and Daleks on July 19th! Last time we shared a look at the Player’s Guide, and today we have a quick overview of some of the new rules to help you adventure through space and time. 

We’re also sharing a first look at the cover for Alien Archive, a dedicated catalogue of some of the Doctor’s most notorious foes, presenting dozens of recognisable aliens from the series for the players to add to their games — so read on to learn more!

The Rules

Travelling through time is a tricky business. The rules for temporal travel are covered in Chapter 8: Time Travel, alongside everything you need to build and customise your own bespoke time machine! This tech solves some problems — you don’t need to worry about Languages with a universal translator, which is pretty handy whether you’re talking to a Judoon trooper or Julius Caesar — but can’t solve everything. 

Of course, jumping a few centuries forwards or backwards in time comes with other problems. Chapter 7: Playing the Game gives guidance on how these can influence your game. The History Skill has been reworked for your potential knowledge of both the future and the past. There are also specialised Skills for Science and Engineering, both of which might come in handy when the temporal synchronicity manipulator on your time machine breaks and you’re stranded in 1864. 

You’re not just going to be exploring all of time, you’ll be going to space as well! Rules for bizarre planets and advanced alien spaceships await you, as they might have different gravities or atmospheres, not to mention the effects of the vacuum of space itself.  

You might have gathered that technology plays a large part in Doctors and Daleks, and that extends to the stuff your characters get too! If you’ve ever wanted to scan an alien system with a sonic screwdriver, or sneak into a Victorian soiree with some psychic paper, check out Chapter 6: Equipment for a whole host of gadgets. However, technology is different depending on where and when you are — the mechanisms of a mediaeval drawbridge are very different to a Gallifreyan Vortex Manipulator.

Alien Archive

The time honoured question is ‘are we alone in the Universe?’ As the Doctor can attest, the Universe is teeming with life, with aliens frequently visiting our popular little world.

The Alien Archive details a host of aliens the Doctor has encountered, some of them were friendly, many of them the Doctor hopes never to cross paths with again. From Axos to Zygons, each entry looks at their motivations and methods, and offers plenty of advice for how to use them in your Doctors and Daleks adventures.

  • Over 60 monsters and aliens fully compatible with Doctors and Daleks, and Dungeons & Dragons 5e.
  • A TARDIS full of Gamemaster resources for all of the weird and wonderful aliens the Doctor has encountered, including: Background on the species’ place in history; the common motives and agendas of the aliens to aid in creating and running your own adventures featuring them; guidance on what it's like for a time traveller to might such bizarre creatures; a host of adventure hooks to inspire your adventures across space and time; expanded weaknesses for creatures to defeat them non-violently.
  • More gadgets for aliens to use and players to turn against them!
  • Multiple variations for the Doctor’s most iconic enemies, from Dalek Drones to Davros and every mark imaginable of Cyberman.

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