Date Posted: 14-07-2022

Doctors and Daleks – Creating a Character

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming release of the time-bending Doctors and Daleks on July 19th! Last time we shared a look at The Keys of Scaravore and the rules of combat (or non-combat!), and today we’re showing off some of the reworked character creation system, perfect for building your own Time Lords and companions.

We’re also sharing a first look at the stunning Gamemaster’s Screen — so read on to learn more!


‘But enough about me. I know we haven’t had much time to introduce ourselves, what with all the running from that thing. You know I’m the Doctor, but who are you? I don’t mind, as long as you’re not evil or anything like that. I travel with all sorts of amazing people. Scientists, journalists, air-hostesses, teachers, and refugees. I’ve been travelling lately with some brilliant people. One’s a police officer and the other is a plasterer. How brilliant is that? I’ll introduce you to them in a sec when we’ve picked them up. So, what do you do?’

The Doctor tends to attract a diverse bunch of companions. Character creation in Doctors and Daleks allows you to play as alien Species, including Time Lords, Sontarans, and Silurians, and has robust rules for making bespoke custom characters. Psychic aliens? The Doctor’s met several! Empathic cyborgs? No problem at all with the new rules in Chapter 3: Species.

In addition to figuring out the what, where, and when of your character, Doctors and Daleks uses an entirely new system for both classes and backgrounds. Many of the classes are focused around non-violent problem solving to fit in with the revised rules in Chapter 7: Playing the Game and the new Quips system. You could be a suave Charmer, talking your way out of trouble, an ingenious Thinker that makes gadgets and solves problems with logical acumen, or a brave Protector, who courageously puts themselves in harm’s way to help those under threat to escape to safety.

Gamemaster’s Screen

The Gamemaster’s Screen for Doctors and Daleks is the ideal addition to every Gamemaster’s collection. Perfect for the Gamemaster who likes to keep their plots a secret from their players, the Gamemaster’s Screen contains a wealth of useful information.

The Gamemaster’s Screen is a three-panel landscape screen with a stunning image of the Doctor’s recent incarnations, which will inspire your players to ask themselves, ‘What would the Doctor do?’ The interior contains the most used rules and tables, handy for both novice and seasoned Gamemasters to refer to in the middle of an epic adventure without slowing things down.

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