Date Posted: 18-07-2022

Doctors and Daleks – All of Time and Space to Explore

We hope you’re as excited as we are for the upcoming release of the time-bending Doctors and Daleks TOMORROW! So far we’ve shared a look at the Player’s Guide, Alien Archive and the rules for time travel, The Keys of Scaravore and the rules of combat, and the Gamemaster’s Screen and the rules for character creation — and now it’s almost time to step into the TARDIS and begin your adventures! With all of time and space to explore, you might be wondering just how you play such an expansive RPG. Today we’re going to help you answer that question.

But first, for our final preview of what’s to come, here’s a sneak peak at the stunning limited edition slipcase that will be available for pre-order tomorrow, July 19th!

What Will We Do?

In Doctors and Daleks you’ll be roleplaying the kind of adventures you’d see in an episode of Doctor Who, using a modified and expanded version of the 5th edition basic rules. All of time and space is yours to explore— so what are you going to do? 

That much freedom can be a bit daunting, so Chapter 2: Creating a Character provides a few examples of different ways to play. One of you could play as an incarnation of the Doctor, and the rest as their companions, just like in Doctor Who. Or, you could each play as your favourite incarnations of the Time Lord, just like in The Five Doctors! You could make an entirely new team of time travelling adventurers made up of different Species, like Paternoster Investigations. You don’t even necessarily need a TARDIS — you could play as a UNIT Squad or a team of Time Agents. 

This book assumes that you’re going to play a group of friends with access to a time machine exploring the Universe and history in search of adventure and excitement, righting wrongs and bringing compassionate aid to anyone in need — just like the Doctor and Team TARDIS. 

You might materialise aboard a hyper-advanced alien spaceship occupied by creatures that communicate purely by smell, introduce them to the pleasures of tea and biscuits, then help them avoid a Dalek attack ship by reversing their gravity-warping technology.  

Or, you could end up in the distant past — ever wanted to meet Plato and Aristotle? Maybe you’ll travel back to Ancient Greece, have a chat with the great minds at the Lyceum, and save Athens from time-displaced Clockwork Robots by debating the philosophy of war. You might even meet your own ancestors, but be careful you don’t cause a paradox, or you’ll have another massive adventure on your hands to re-stitch the fabric of time!

Maybe you’ll land in a futuristic human colony on a bizarre planet with a sulphurous atmosphere, and prevent a burgeoning Cyberman uprising whilst negotiating a peace treaty with the native aliens. Wherever you go, you’ll be getting into trouble, talking your way out of it, using strange gadgets, and generally having a good time. Hopefully, with a bit of ingenuity and a lot of heart, you’ll make the Universe a better place. Hop in the TARDIS, and let’s find out! 

‘We’re almost there, I hope you’re ready. From what Yaz said, it could be a bit of a sticky situation. I just hope the TARDIS lands us somewhere relatively safe, just until you get your bearings, if you catch my drift. And we’re down. There, that was a pretty good landing if you ask me. Looks like we’ve landed in the middle of a city. Hopefully it was somewhere nice and discrete and no one will have noticed us arrive. Wait, did you hear a knock? Was someone knocking at the TARDIS door?’

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