Date Posted: 22-02-2022

Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition – What’s Available?

Last week, we announced Doctors and Daleks – a new line of products that brings Doctor Who adventures to your table using 5th Edition rules! Today we want to look at all the great titles available for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition.


In 2021, the award-winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game regenerated into a new, Second Edition, that is faster, easier, and even more exciting!

The Rulebook presents all the rules and background you need to voyage across space and time with the Doctor, or as new characters such as a Victorian music hall artiste and a Silurian scientist, experiencing brand new epic adventures. Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to experience the vast universe of Doctor Who whether you’re a complete beginner at roleplaying games or looking for an epic new campaign. There’s also a great free PDF you can download right now and a stunning Collector’s Edition of the Rulebook!

We expect the print copies of the Core and Collector’s Edition to arrive to us in Q2, we’ll continue to update on this and the Starter Set.


The Einstein Engine is a new adventure for Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Second Edition, written by Graham Tugwell. This 22-page PDF release is free, designed to give Gamemasters an exciting adventure to get them started with the brand new edition of the award-winning Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game

Download the Free PDF here.


This book presents all the rules and background you need to voyage across space and time with the Doctor, or as new characters experiencing brand new epic adventures.

The cover image was designed by renowned digital artist Will Brooks, whose Doctor Who work has been used by Big Finish and Titan Comics.

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This core rulebook includes:

  • Complete character creation rules to allow you to bring to life a new time travelling adventurer to explore space and time aboard the TARDIS. They could be companions to the Doctor, or a new Time Lord of your own creation, Time Agents, or investigators and defenders of planet Earth.
  • The complete revised rules for playing Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game. The new and updated version of the popular Vortex system is completely compatible with the First Edition of the game. Second Edition makes gameplay faster, easier, and quicker to learn, while keeping all of the dramatic action you’d expect from an episode of Doctor Who.
  • Advice for Gamemasters, new and old, on how to make the experience of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game feel like you’re living an episode of the TV series, as well as how to create exciting storylines and continuing campaigns.
  • Revised rules for creating your group’s own TARDIS, or other time travel device to allow them to adventure from the dawn of history to the very ends of the Universe.
  • An expansive look at the history of the Universe, detailing many of the aliens and creatures the Doctor has encountered across space and time. 
  • Pregenerated character sheets for the Doctor and her companions, ready to play straight away!


The exclusive Collector’s Edition of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game is beautifully finished, featuring a wraparound cover image of the TARDIS Console Room, with spot UV to highlight the glowing crystals. The 256 page book is presented in a slipcase intricately designed to reflect the exterior of the Thirteenth Doctor’s TARDIS. The slipcase opens with two doors at the front held closed with magnets. 

The book content remains the same as the standard edition, with the addition of a ribbon bookmark, and striking page edging, in TARDIS blue. 

We love creating Collector’s Editions, and know that this one will take pride of place on bookshelves for years to come!

Once pre-ordered you will receive the PDF.

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Collector’s edition images above for illustration purposes, product may change slightly during production.


Start your adventures across all of space and time. Whether you’re a complete beginner at roleplaying games or looking for an epic new campaign, this boxed set is the perfect starting point for anyone wanting to experience the vast universe of Doctor Who

The Timeless Library is a brand new adventure for players of all experience levels. It sends a group of new and varied companions on a journey to a vast library filled with dangerous artefacts and even more dangerous invaders. The story continues in the epic campaign The Echo Chamber and a quest to recover The Hermit’s Lantern, providing new and established characters a wealth of adventure that will take them to surprising new worlds.

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Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game Starter Set includes: 

  • Read This First! introduction sheet
  • 5 ready-made characters
  • The Timeless Library adventure book
  • The Echo Chamber campaign book
  • 2 rules reference sheets
  • 60+ Story Point tokens
  • 3 custom dice
  • An exciting new adventure that teaches you the rules as you play.
  • Over 100 pages of introductory rules and fantastic adventures across space and time.

What Changed in Second Edition?

Find out more about what has changed with this regeneration of Doctor Who: The Roleplaying Game in a post by producer Dave Chapman.

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