We reveal more on Victoriana for 5e!

Victoriana for 5e – Coming Soon! Cubicle 7’s Emmet Byrne and Zak Dale-Clutterbuck chatted to Ontabletop and revealed lots more about our planned new version of Victoriana for 5e. Click the video below to get the latest news! Victoriana takes place in a fantastic alternate world of 1887, where the old ways of magic and … Continue reading “We reveal more on Victoriana for 5e!”

August Recap – News & Highlights

Another busy month has come to a close so we have rounded up all of our top picks and highlights from August to share. From the release of Redacted Records for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory, blog posts for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and a look at what’s coming for Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Soulbound, … Continue reading “August Recap – News & Highlights”

Victoriana for 5e: Why the 5e Rules and What Changes are We Making?

Hello, my name is Walt Ciechanowski, Victoriana’s Line Developer, and I’d like to welcome you to another Victoriana update! Recently we announced Victoriana for 5e and showed off the cover above. It’s been a few years since Cubicle 7 has last delved into its gaslight fantasy world of sorcery and steam — we’re thrilled to … Continue reading “Victoriana for 5e: Why the 5e Rules and What Changes are We Making?”

Victoriana Player’s Guide for 5e – Cover Reveal!

Victoriana Player’s Guide Murder and Mayhem on the streets of London! Read all about it! Come this way, folks, for a mere penny the stories in this tiny pamphlet will shock you to your core. They’re not called Penny Dreadfuls for nuffin’! Stuff it in your tweed pocket, or put it in your lace bag, … Continue reading “Victoriana Player’s Guide for 5e – Cover Reveal!”