February Production Update

Hey folks, my name is Emmet Byrne, I’m Creative Director at Cubicle 7 and today we’re doing our monthly production update to give you an overview of where in the production process all of the titles for your favourite games are. We will also have a post for each line in the coming weeks to … Continue reading “February Production Update”

November Production Update

UK Order Delay Update: A pallet of our stock was delayed significantly by UK Customs due to some errors in their internal administration and it resulted in a delay in some titles (including Forsaken System Player’s Guide and Litanies of the Lost for Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Wrath & Glory) being sent.  The pallet has reached our trusted distributor in the UK, … Continue reading “November Production Update”

October Recap Post

As we head into another new month, we take a look back at our highlights from October, stay tuned for some very exciting November releases coming soon! Check out our October production update here and keep an eye out for our November update in the coming weeks. Restock Alert: We are happy to announce that … Continue reading “October Recap Post”

October Production Update – All Lines.

Hey folks, my name is Emmet Byrne, I’m Creative Director at Cubicle 7. Today we’re doing our monthly production update. As always, until books hit warehouses, all the dates are our working estimates.  We are coming into a very very busy time of year for shipping and retail, which is likely going to lead to … Continue reading “October Production Update – All Lines.”


Another busy month has come to a close so we have rounded up all of our top picks and highlights from September to share! Keep an eye out for our new October Production Update next week! While we can’t be at Origins Game Fair this weekend, our friends at Steve Jackson Games will carry our … Continue reading “SEPTEMBER RECAP – WHAT HAVE YOU MISSED?”


We recently announced that we are working on Victoriana for Fifth Edition, which will launch under the Open Gaming License. We are delighted to announce that Victoriana will also be part of Free RPG Day this year! Our free adventure, Going Underground, gives a taste of the world, with a trip on the very first electrified tube train. Make … Continue reading “VICTORIANA 5E FREE RPG DAY ADVENTURE!”

We reveal more on Victoriana for 5e!

Victoriana for 5e – Coming Soon! Cubicle 7’s Emmet Byrne and Zak Dale-Clutterbuck chatted to Ontabletop and revealed lots more about our planned new version of Victoriana for 5e. Click the video below to get the latest news! Victoriana takes place in a fantastic alternate world of 1887, where the old ways of magic and … Continue reading “We reveal more on Victoriana for 5e!”